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I. Can't. Stop. Looking. At My Dahlias.

Look! They're over there, too! >>> Pretty, pretty, pretty!
mood: ditzy
music: Sara Hickman—In the Fields


I love em too! Bought some last week. Don't they just look like neat folded paper?

Origamiblomma! Hee! I love that idea! Actually, they remind me a bit of quilled paper flowers. I need to do some quilling again, it's been a million billion years.

They are definitely pretty!!

I had the same thing with my roses last year. I hope they will be just as pretty this year!

They are GORGEOUS....teehee
Actually the geometry and color are amazing. I love looking @ flowers.

They look good enough to eat!

Beautiful! I love pink flowers!

Those are amazing! They look almost fake or posed. Wow!

They were definitely ready for their closeup! :D


Especially since I sent you a kit at christmas!!!!! Hope all is great. Here is tired and 3 sick but yard sale starts in 2 days!!UGH Love your Beeg leetle Seester That would be quilling : )


Must admit, those are some awfully purty dahlias... ~Marilyn

I know! Can you blame me?! hahah!


They’re so pretty. You almost want to eat them : )

I also enjoyed looking at your front flower beds, Chicks & Hens, are one of my favourites.

I remember when I first moved here, the young neighbourhood girls showed me to break the plant (one leaf) in half & squeeze the juice to sooth an insect bite.

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