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In an hour or so we're leaving to visit Moonstruck Kennel and meet some dogs.

What if they don't think we'd be good owners?

What if they don't like us? What if the DOGS don't like us?!

What if we start sneezing violently?

What if we come home with a puppy??*

Eek! Am I really ready for this?

It's pouring rain. I didn't order this weather, although it's nice not to have to remember to water the garden. The kids have been collecting snails. We're leaving the them (the kids, not the snails) overnight with Farmor and Farfar and going to a goodbye party this evening. I'm secretly hoping that there will be a large enough contingent of people at the party that want to watch the Eurovision Song Contest that I won't be considered a total freak if I bring it up.

*That's actually not likely, at least not today. :P
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Wow, how exciting a new puppy. I'm looking forward to reading more on this.

Well, well, well??

I am totally smitten with that picture of Moonstruck Snögubbe & Moonstruck Snöängel -- absolutely adorable. ;-)

My friend S. just got a new puppy last Monday. She was filled with doubts beforehand, despite having had numerous pets in the past, including a Westie...but from the moment the new puppy came home with her, she was too taken with the pup's individual personality, to have any room left over for doubts.

I have no doubt that whenever you bring home a new [canine] member of the family, you'll be too busy enjoying it to worry about whether or not you're ready. ;-)


Wait a minute...let me get this're going to a KENNEL...with your CHILDREN...and expect to NOT come home with a puppy?? HAHAHAHAHAH! (I'll be curious to see how this goes...) :) ~Marilyn

Hee! Well, it's not quite that easy here in Sweden. The breeders decide whether YOU are up to par, and it's very unusual to take home a puppy the first time you meet, which is what happened, but we will definitely be calling upon them again! :)

Wait-- it sounds like you're biting your nails over this, but I've heard you waxing eloquent about puppies for some time? What's stopping you from taking the leap? The added duties?

yep, and costs, and logistics...but I think it's pretty certain it WILL happen. :)

Raining like crazy up here too. We've accomlished nothing today. Except we did go to the store to get snacks for Eurovision. AND OH MY GOD! Everyone else was doing the same thing at exactly the same time as us. Literally every single person had chips and chocolate and pop. But we were a little more high brow...we also had chevre and prosciutto (in addition to the chips, chocolate and pop).

And puppy? Did a puppy love you? Did a puppy follow you home? I love puppies!


Lol... the one question know the answer to is that if those dogs are true Flatcoats, there is NO DOUBT they will like you. In fact, there is NO DOUBT they will LOVE YOU. enthusiastically, unreservedly!!!

xo Wee

Awwww, that's so cool to hear. I'm sure that all the dogs want to claim you as their own. And sneezing, at least according to our dog, means that the dog is excited. :)

I just know the kids won't let you out of the place without a dog or a firm promise (that they will remind you of 2,689,457 times a day) that they get that puppy strax.


Argh! i can't stand it... what happened, what happened, what happened?! Are you the Ek Family Four plus one now?!!! Are you now the Ek Family Five?!!

xo Wee

LOL! I was waiting to do a post with the photos from the camera, but Anders isn't home with it yet!! We didn't bring one home, but we will be...probably this summer :)

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