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In an hour or so we're leaving to visit Moonstruck Kennel and meet some dogs.

What if they don't think we'd be good owners?

What if they don't like us? What if the DOGS don't like us?!

What if we start sneezing violently?

What if we come home with a puppy??*

Eek! Am I really ready for this?

It's pouring rain. I didn't order this weather, although it's nice not to have to remember to water the garden. The kids have been collecting snails. We're leaving the them (the kids, not the snails) overnight with Farmor and Farfar and going to a goodbye party this evening. I'm secretly hoping that there will be a large enough contingent of people at the party that want to watch the Eurovision Song Contest that I won't be considered a total freak if I bring it up.

*That's actually not likely, at least not today. :P
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