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Knocked some more major things off my to-do list, or rather, put the wheels in motion for them, as they involve appointments and scheduling and calls back, so even if I can't quite cross them off my mental list yet, they are at least moved over into the working-on-it list.

I am craving SALT.

2 slices of warm, golden brown wheat toast with a bit of olive oil drizzled over and perky little pyramids of sea salt strewn with abandon on top.

That, and some frozen grapes.

And a california roll with salmon nigiri.

Damn you, gissa and thesidhe and Amylou, now I'm hungry!

Happy Birthday Wishes to d3katja!
mood: hungry
music: gurgle gurgle growl


I could mail some sushi but it might smell funny and look less pretty by the time it got there. Or! I could just mail Ken instead.

Hee! bet he wouldn't be too happy about that!

You crave salt?

Ozswede to the rescue! The Vegemite will be in the post in the morning :)

LOL! I like savories better than sweets, most of the time. :)


Mmmmmm...salt and toast...mmmmm. I'm a savory girl as well. 12 more hours till I eat real food again!


You? are insane :)

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