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Why, WHY is this so difficult??

2 popsicle sticks on the kitchen counter.

A tupperware container in the fridge with one corner open (a frequent find).

The TV left on in an empty room.

2 socks, a pair of pants, a t-shirt and underwear dropped on the floor IN FRONT OF the laundry basket.

Etcetera och så vidare.


I can hear my mom chuckling all the way from here.

My post about rapeseed really touched a chord, it seemed, and today my new friend kejn posted some photos of rape fields taken right around HERE!

This is what I drive through and by EVERY DAY.

Had my first massage in over a year today. It was both awesomely wonderful because, MMMMMMmmmassage, and horribly disappointing, because he gypped me out of 10 minutes, the ratfink. I'm going to tell him next time I want 40 minutes or my money back!

Christina from Moonstruck and I spoke tonight, and I confirmed that we definitely want a puppy, contingent on good-allergy-news. She has 3 boy pups left and will "save" them for us, for the moment. I have an appointment at the clinic on Monday, but Anders is having to worm his way through the system, since his is an asthma-related problem, he has to write a letter to his insurance and they forward it to the Sweden Lung Association, who then will call him in to be tested. Who knows how long THAT will take?! Anyway, Christina said that July isn't a problem and they can hold the dog we choose until then, after we sign papers and pay a deposit. I have my fingers so tightly crossed it's a bit hard to type...

Today was, interesting mail day. I did the happy dance at the mailbox because 1) a postcard from purrthecat! and 2) a package! Who is sending me a package? I wasn't expecting any packages! *rips open package*'s a paper-wrapped cylinder...*wondering*

*rips open paper-wrapped cylinder*

AAGH! VEGEMITE! She actually did it! She sent me some! Now I'm GOING TO HAVE TO TRY THE BLOODY STUFF!

Sunny, Singing Birthday Wishes to kornrd!
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i always thought rapeseed fields looked quite happy :) rypsi in finnish!

I like the name rypsi much better!! Hey, how do you say "black" and "evening star" in Finnish?

"musta" and "iltatähti" :)

Oh my god, is she sending vegemite around now?? You'd better warn the local postal workers that they should start wearing rubber gloves when handling the mail...

YOU'RE NEXT, I'm sure. It's her revenge way of saying thank you for the way we hijack her comments. :D

Good thing she doesn't have my address.... ;-)

But I DO have the address of a mutual lj friend in Holland who may just know where you live....

My mailbox is vegemite-proof... ;-)

i think your family and my husband must be of the same mind, i have had to learn the hard way not to ask why. the dirty clothes on the floor one meter from the basket really kills me everytime!
oooh, i love the rapeseed fields. on our way home from the airport the other day i got to use thomas' new professional videocamera to film them since he was driving. oh they are so pretty.
i hope it is good news on the allergy front, dogs are so great!

do you recognize the place where i took the pictures?

oh yeah! I drive by the windmill all the time!

cool! :-)

Am I right then? Is it the windmill one passes on the highway between Malmö and Lund? Where is that giant water pump?

Anders allergy test thing sounds unlike what I would expect for Swedish healthcare. Why the extra hoops?

Yes, it is. Kronetorp is the name of the area. I don't know where the water pump is though, but I think it just looks that big because of the perspective :)

I dunno why the extra hoops for Anders, it's aggravating. I suggested we just go down to the local clinic and tell them we want a test, but he found out they ONLY do the spot-testing and he needs the full bloodwork because it's asthma, I guess.

Aggravating but, better safe than sorry. G always told me he was allergic to cats and in my experience, people who said they were allergic to cats would get a little bit of an itchy eye, some sneezing, but no big deal.

The first time he came to the US to visit me, I was living with my sister who has a cat. He would spend an hour or two in the bathroom each night just to try and get his breathe (all tiles, no place for cat-ness to stick) and spend all day outside (in November) and still I was afraid I was going to have to take him to the hospital because he could barely breathe. It was only then that I began to understand what he was talking about when he said he was allergic to this, that, and the next thing.

poor guy!! Yes, that's how it is for Anders now, too. The worst part is that when we met, he wasn't asthmatic, it was brought on gradually by the cats I had at the time, and then the cats we got when we moved to Sweden. :(

You said you craved salt - I'm only trying to help! *looks innocent*

I didn't put a return address in case you guessed what it was and sent it back unopened! Smart, or what? I want to see you, Geena and Gale trying it out. And remember, it ain't peanut butter, so spread thinly. There is a guide for utter morons Americans here. Enjoy :)

Vegemite? Please report. It seems so unusual and abnormal ;)

Can I come down to visit? PREEEEETY please? I want to take pictures of those fields. How long will they be so pretty and yellow? All summer? For a few more days? My vision is yellow field, blue sky and a cloud or two. (heja Sverige!)

I'd even (brace yourself) like to do a little photo shoot with the kids gaily twirling in the fields? Or would that be too wierd?

We might be free this weekend or the beginning of next...


We're gone this weekend, but Friday-Saturday next weekend might work. I have a concert on Sunday, though. But you probably won't see much of my husband...he's in the garage 24/7 these days. I would LOVE a photo shoot of the kids by you...WOOT!

It seems so unusual and abnormal

Hey, I heard that! Don't you be dissin' God's own food. Twenty million people can't ALL be wrong.

Perhaps Liz will share some with you when you visit (if she hasn't become addicted already and finished it).

Twenty million people can't ALL be wrong.

They can all be DELUDED, though. :P

The t.v. thing drives me batty! Robert is forever doing that. He does it with the stereo too. He'll turn it on and then go outside...*sigh*

So glad to hear about the puppy!! It reminded me as well that I hadn't contacted you about Jessie and I'm sorry about that. It didn't work out very well for us this year because she went into standing heat the same day we moved. There was no way we could get her together with the daddy doggy. haha Ah well, maybe next year.

No worries, Marie :) I will still be bugging you about my knock-off shirts, though! :D Obiwan-Reeberti, you're my only hope!

Today LL came home with a paper from hemspråk class. It was the Old Mother Hubbard rhyme. There were cute little illustrations but I laughed when I noticed that there was a picture of the dog in front of a cat bowl that held two slices of bread with something spread on them and beside the bowl is a jar with vege... written on and a dirty knife. His teacher is named Marie and she is from Australia, I think it must be an obsession with them. *laugh*

Obsession. That's a good word to describe it! >:D

Vegemite will own you. Believe me. None of this Marmite shite.

anyone who wishes to disagree with me....i'll meet you outside - gloves off *stern look*

Yay! Puppies! I'm curious to know about the vegemite, I've heard it's nasty. (no offense Ozswede)

We want pictures of your expression, the first time you try the vegemite. *g*

And wooo hooo! on the puppy!

I had to stop at the credit union this morning, where one of the customers brought in her two new puppies at the tellers' request (it was a really slow morning for them, I guess). The pups were a St Bernard/Great Dane mix, and absolutely gorgeous -- wonderful coloring (one mottled grey, one brown with an adorable black patch around one eye), incredibly friendly personalities -- but HUGE! The "puppies" were 50% larger than my childhood beagle when she was fullgrown. I wanted to stay and play with them sooo much more than I wanted to come in to work...

Have you decided on any potential names yet?

I killed 3 suggestions from Anders the other night. He had thought up: Kill, Foppe (the Swedish nickname of Peter Forsberg, the hockey player), and Desmo (a motorcycle thing).

Desmo actually isn't that bad.

I was thinking of Barrie this morning, as in J.M. Barrie, because of Peter Pan never wanting to grow up. These dogs are puppy-like and playful their whole lives, they never lose that quality like so many dogs. :)

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