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It's a good thing other people are writing good stuff because I'm too tired to do any of my own today. Working very, very hard all day for several days and staying up WAY too late and then working very, very hard again is getting to be a bad habit. Going to bed at a reasonable hour seems to be beyond me. There is SO MUCH to do! There is NOT ENOUGH time.

It's quite suddenly turned summer here. And that means, yes, you guessed it, FLY SEASON. bleah

Those horses behind us are really wonderful to look at most of the year, but during the warm summer months, it becomes VERY apparent that we live only yards away from a big FLY FACTORY.

Flies have never been an issue anywhere I've ever lived in my entire life until now. It's already to the point where we can't sit out on the deck, the deck that Anders built with his OWN TWO HANDS, because of the flies. I never used to like killing bugs; my philosophy was always "live and let live" (with the condition that the bugs do most of their living OFF of me, and/or out of my sight) but now? I am a fly killing MACHINE. Hee-ya! SMACK!



I'm sorry...were you looking for a point to this post? sigh. Me, too.

Really Great Writing Out There Right Now: Comment-ary

Hippity, Hoppity, Boppity Birthday Wishes to nannergo!
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the worst kind are those big horse flies that bite. ouch!

"olägenhet för människors hälsa" is the swedish legal term for what horses placed too close to non-horse owning neighbors are. a health nuisance. or what non horse-owning neighbors placed too close to horse-owning neighbors are, depending on your view of the problem... :-)

Well, you DO live in Flyinge!


LOL!!! Can you believe I never thought of that!?

I got five words for you: The Big Stinky Fly Trap. Put it at the end of your yard and it will trap most of the flies before they get to you.

Emptying it is kind of icky but I say it's well worth it.

OHMIGOD! I love you! I hope I can get that here in Sweden!! I'm going to check around, but otherwise, my mom can send it on if I order it.


Well, I suppose you could always add a big tent of mosquito netting... :-(

The flies around here never bothered me much (except for the occasional one that would decide to orbit my head like a captured comet). The mosquitos, though, are the runner-up contender for State Bird.

That stinky fly trap gadget recommended above looks pretty interesting, though...

I have 3 perfect fly-catchers here at home. Twinkle at his first fly ever this week. It was crunchy (so I heard).

EW~! hahaha! My kids are getting pretty good at swatting and vacuuming up flies, too :)


Oh my gawd...FLIES?! And I thought mosquitoes 24/7 were a pain. I must say, I think I'd rather deal with skeeters than flies. As for not having enough time...woman, I don't know how you do all that you do as it is. ~Marilyn

Thank you so much for the birthday shout out! :D iturnedthirtybutssshhdon'ttellanyonewhileicontinuetobuyclothesfromthejuniordepartment

sticky fly paper

can you hang that sticky fly paper around to keep them away? maybe on the four posts of the deck? bugs are just so buggy, non? ~bluepoppy

Re: sticky fly paper

We've tried the fly paper. It doesn't work very well, especially against the onslaught we suffer under, plus it is so GROSS!!! I'm hoping that fly trap thing will work, if I can get it here. :)

Thanks for the link to "Comment-ary" good thoughts...

ICK!! Flies :-<
the Big Stinky thing looks good. I'd get right on it if I were you.

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