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Summer turns me upside down. Summer, summer summer, it's like a merry-go-round!

Bright sun? check.

Blue sky? check.

Slight breeze? check.

Buzzing bees? check.

Lilacs in bloom? check, check check!


We're heading out in a little bit to spend the rest of the weekend at the summer cottage of our good friends Emily & Martin. Our other good friends Angie & Kristian and their 2 kids will also be there, so I'm really looking forward to it. The weather couldn't be nicer! I have made rice krispie treats and filled a bowl with chopped up strawberries and seedless purple grapes. The cooler is waiting to be filled, and the packing of various swim accessories has commenced. Sunscreen and mosquito deterrent is in the pile. Golf clubs are in the trunk.

Sunglasses? check.

Good mood? check, check, check!

books books books books are love
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