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Poll #503239 I DID! No, REALLY!!

I Wish I Was a Fishy, A-Swimming in the Sea

double doh!
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Of all your "incidental remarks" I understand this the least. What is this? Why don't I get it?

I don't know why, but for some silly reason I don't have your e-mail (didn't it seem like I did once?)...So I'm leaving a note here for you to mail me about a possible road trip to the south! Thing is, Tobey works all next weekend. We could totally do it weekend after next, but will the rapeseed fields still be in bloom? Either way, I want to take a day trip. See you, take pictures of the kids, yada yada!

Write me!

I was confused too, but then I read the previous entry which was a poll and she left out 'pisces' in the "What's your sign" section. So, if you took the poll and you were a pissed of pisces, you can take this poll!

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Hej, Liz!

We weren't home today, and we're helping friends move tomorrow. We are thinking of June 11th or 12th to drive not this coming, but the following weekend. Would that work for you? Are the fields still in bloom then?

I might try calling later this week during the day...

(and yikes! yikes! get yer phone number off the internet!!!)


I screened it after you replied. I'm a little worried about the rapeseed. They're fading, especially after the pounding rains today. Don't know if you'll get any shots of them in another week. Right now, we don't have anything scheduled that I'm aware of for that weekend. Anders is asleep, but I'll ask him tomorrow. :)

P.S. My phone number is STILL on the internet, silly. :D

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