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You know that song I was singing a couple of posts ago? The one about summer? Yeah, well, we had it. It's apparently over now. O Summer, you tease!

It's been pouring rain, grey, lowering cloud cover and FREEZING COLD for 2 days with no end in sight. We have transitioned from summer, summer, summer, summer to November in one fell swoop. Maybe not freezing, exactly, but DAMN, it's cold. And you thought I was kidding when I put 'sweden' as one of the season choices on my last poll.

Interesting* info from my poll:
  • A WHOPPING 32 of you (so far) are right-handed. I'm a bit boggled by that. For some reason, I thought it wouldn't be so one-sided. helloheather and ozswede, it's me and you against the world!

  • Admit it milly_bogtrot, you only picked 'vegemite' because you felt sorry for it being left out

  • Nobody picked winter. ozswede was the only one to pick winter. Not very many snowbunnies in the bunch, apparently.
I think I'm a bit work-obsessed at the moment. I have a lot of it. I don't want to leave when the day is technically over because I want to keep working, to finish my projects, to keep ahead of the game, because I love what I'm doing. I think about work a lot outside of work. Tonight, on the way home, at 9 p.m., from the AWC meeting, as I was passing through Lund and past my office building, I actually thought to myself "you could go in and work for an hour." I can't decide if this is bad or good.

Stupid Outlook is on the stupid fritz again and not downloading my emails from the server. This happened not so long ago, and I finally managed to fix it, but I can't remember what I did. Stupid Outlook.

An Appliance Every Household Needs...Some More Than Others...You Know Who You Are:

fart vacuum

Karin drew this machine and carefully cut it out all the way, and brought it home to present to Anders.
Karin: Here Papa, this is for you.
Anders: Thank you. What is it?
Karin: It's a vacuum. This (points to 1) is the battery for this (points to 3) that tells you if it's full or not.
Anders: And this? (points to 2)
Karin: That's the battery to the On/Off switch** (points to 4). Those are wheels so you can pull it around the house (points to 5).
Anders: Ah. And what's this one? (points to 6)
Karin: That's the button you push to vacuum up farts!

Bright and Bouncy Birthday Wishes to jes6ica!

*to me
**carefully spelled O-O-F
mood: tired
music: Housemartins—Caravan of Love


I need to borrow Karins fart vacuum to use on the dog.

I was just about to say that very thing! :)

Swedish summers sound like Dutch summers. We tend to say: summer was on a Wednesday this year... ;-)
Actually, it was on a Friday and Saturday this year, so at least we got to enjoy some of it on our weekend... ;-)

It is FLIPPING COLD here! And to think, in my HOMETOWN last week, it was over 35C degrees. In the effing Seattle! When my mom calls to tell me they've had to turn the a/c on because Grandma's having trouble breathing in the heat, I don't know whether to be jealous or shocked.

Like you said before, though, at least I don't have to remember to water the flowers.

P.S. I just gotta say's not just stupid's Stupid MICROSOFT. My website is royally bitchy right now and it's all because of Internet Explorer. I think sometime soon, I'm going to write a post about why Microsoft simply refuses to create a browser that is standards compliant. I mean, there are at least 5 other (fairly) popular browsers out there that have NO TROUBLE at all complying to design standards, why can't Microsoft do it with IE? I just don't understand. At all.

P.S. You knew I was a Mac-girl, right?


Mac! Eek! hahahaha!

I believe only 10% of people are left handed, so if there were 3 out of 35, that's 8% which sounds about right.

10%! I feel special :)

isn't it about time for schools to let out? that would explain why the weather turned bad. it always does shortly before the end of the school year...

a fart vacuum. how incredibly ingenious! :-)

A farting vacuum, now what is what we need here at home! LOL

What an imagination, she might start to really invent things!


Did you see the five day forecast in Sydsvenskan today? It was literally one of the most depressing things I've seen in weeks.

At least I'm not tempted to skive off and play outside.


with hand on heart i didn't look at the results of that poll before i voted 'vegemite' :)

just because you're all in denial over your salty yeasty cravings don't tar me with the same repressed brush :P

*wanders off to make toast*

Nobody picked winter. Not a snowbunny in the bunch, apparently.

Check again, oh blind one! I believe I selected said season :)

I plead fatigue! And you hadn't filled out the poll when I wrote that, so there. :P I edited the first bullet. Now you're going to make me revise my whole post! Well, anything for you. :)


I love how the Fart button is emergency red! Code Red in the living room!!!

xo Wee

What a great imagination she has! Fart vacuum. Classic!

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