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I'm very sad about this weather. After 8.5 years in Sweden, you'd think I would have grown used to this sort of disappointment, but to be honest, the weather here has such a hold over people's lives and moods, it's hard to get away from it, and after last weekend, with its sunshine and warmth and buzzing bees, it's doubly hard to deal with WINTER WEATHER IN JUNE. Again.

A 3-day weekend is looming, since Monday is a holiday here. Sweden's National Day, which they finally gave themselves OFF after nearly a hundred years. June 6th has been Sweden's flag day since 1916, when it was decided that because in 1523 on June 6th King Gustav Vasa was elected helping to lay the foundation for Sweden as a separate state, and because in 1809 on the same day, Sweden adopted a new constitution which included the establishment of civil rights and liberties. But it wasn't a day off work until this year. It didn't officially become the National Day until 1983, and when it was voted last year to make it an official HOLIDAY, the Swedish government felt it was only fair to take away another traditional day off to keep things even.

Much grumbling ensued, because the holiday they took away, Whitmonday, always guaranteed a day off work, since it, as you can probably tell by the name, always falls on a Monday, and June 6th, like the 4th of July, has a tendency to move around and fall on weekends occasionally, thereby gypping the working schmoes out of a day off. I think, however, that it's really much more appropriate to have one's country's national holiday off, instead of the day AFTER a minor holiday of religious origins in a country of extremely non-religious people.

Anywho. Did I mention it's raining? It's rained drizzled all day. I'm currently sporting a very stylish tight-curled poodle-do. I like the word drizzle because it's so perfectly descriptive, although I hate what it does to my hair. And the fact that everything, EVERYTHING I say, feels damp.

Grump, grumble, grizzle.

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I have not known such a miserable late spring, early summer since I got here in 2000. I don't ask for much, I don't grumble about the dark or the snow (too much), but damn it, I deserve a little more sunshine than we've been getting.

i agree about the strong link between people's moods & weather "up here".

It sounds like you're now getting the weather we had to endure for most of the last two weeks. Chilly, gray and rainy for about two weeks solid, at least. This past weekend broke the curse though and we are now in better shape, though still cooler than I expect for June.

If the 6th falls on a weekend day, won't they give people the preceding or following week day off instead, like we get here for the 4th (at most companies anyway)?

Not necessarily, although some companies have said they will do it. It's not an across-the-board thing, though, or guaranteed.

Is the weather really that bad in Skåne? I'm sorry to really hear that. It's been an "average" spring since my arrival in May 2002. A little rain occassionally, a little nice weather, sometimes a touch colder than normal, but I don't know if I'm the right person to make these comparisons yet. Hope that you'll have a better summer to offset the spring.

The weather's pretty similar here right now. Last weekend it was all pretty and giddiness inspriring and now...drizzle. Yeah, I wonder if you ever get used to it.

You've pretty much just described the entire month of May in NH, this year. My condolences on its ploughing on over the Atlantic to your shores. :-P Hope the sunny weather reappears over there ASAP!

As I flew on Northwest airlines today I learned Norway will celebrate its 100th anniversary of freedom from Sweden in July. I thought of you when I read the article.

LOL! And part of what Sweden celebrates is its independence from Denmark! :)

Really? Too funny!
And of course we in the US celebrate our independence from England!

I know! I'm totally freaked out about the weather as well. I guess I'm really Swedish now.

I bicycled to work yesterday and needed my frigging GLOVES on the way home. In JUNE. Grrrrrrrrr.


Please, God, don't let this June be as bad as last June...we just paid our dues to the Kayak Club...and it wasn't cheap!

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