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There's a classic board game in America called Trouble. It's a fairly ordinary advance-around-the-board-first-one-to-reach-End-wins game. The thing that makes it so cool is the Pop-o-Matic dice roller in the center. It's a little plastic dome enclosing 2 dice, and when you press down on the dome, it somehow "pops" the dice, automatically rolling them for you (and keeping them from ever being swiped to use in another game whose dice have gone missing, thus causing them to go missing, too). This post kind of reminded me of it.


Back before I dislocated my jaw I used to be able to pop it if I opened my mouth wide enough. (shut up, ozswede). It was a bit addictive, like cracking your knuckles or your back. Once, at work, in front of our IT Helpdesk guy, I stretched my neck to the left, whereupon it made a loud cracking noise, and then to the right, repeating it. His eyes got very big, and he said, "whoa" just like Bill & Ted.


We watched the first fourth original Star Wars movie tonight. Talk about pop culture shock! It was the first time my kids have seen it. They are 7.5 and nearly 6, and I wasn't sure if they were still too young, really, although some of my friends let their 4-year-olds watch LOTR, which I thought was a bit much, but hey, whatever. Martin kept asking me all through the movie if the robots and aliens were real, or just people dressed up, and what kind of shots the guns were firing, and whether they were real and were they really killing people and remarked that he didn't really like Leia's hair and that it wasn't very nice of her to call Chewbacca a "walking carpet." Apparently, answering "it's just a movie, honey" wasn't getting through. Karin asked me at the end of it what Skywalker looked like and where he was, and when I boggled at her a little bit, and told her that the blond guy was Luke Skywalker, she looked at me like I didn't know what I was talking about and then she asked me why Darth Maul wasn't in the movie. sigh. I doubt, somehow, that they would be at all impressed by my 1978 official Star Wars fan club poster or my Darth Vader head necklace.


When I was a teenager living in Europe, we took my dad's mom on a trip to the Costa del Sol. We went by train via Paris (my mom will have to verify the logistics, since I didn't keep that sort of thing in my long-term memory apparently, and I'm winging it a bit here). In Paris, we did all the big sights: Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur, the Eiffel Tower. In the elevator of the Eiffel, coming back down, we shared the elevator with Bob Newhart and Don Rickles. Since my pop was a big fan of both of them, we knew who they were and recognized them. My dad talked to them all the way down in the elevator as if they were neighbors and good buddies, and I wanted to melt into the walls from teenage embarrassment. Gawd, daaaaaaad!


Good grief, could I possibly date myself any more with this post??


Pop-related Things I Like: Classic Coke AND Pepsi Max* (so sue me), bluepoppy, Pop Goes the Weasel, Orville Redenbacher, Pop Will Eat Itself, Pop Rocks, Hop on Pop, Pop-Tarts,** BrainPOP, pop-up stoppers, pop-up books, popsicles!, homemade bubble recipes.


Sad Pop-Related Fact About Me: I have never been able to blow a bubble with bubblegum, despite countless attempts and one-on-one tutoring.

*You can take the girl out of the Midwest, but you can't take the Midwest out of the girl.
**ohmigod, look at all those new flavors! Frosted GRAPE! Cinnamon roll! French Toast!
***Why are the tails of my italic p's in 'pop' missing??
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haha! Stop! Stop! You must not Hop on Pop! I loved that book.

And,...of course "pop" is the correct name. Soda is that foamy white powder that fizzes in vinegar. And we all know that not all pop is coke. geez.

How many times did you click away at that pop-O-matic thingy in the Trouble game without actually playing the game? I thought that was more fun than the game itself.

We never actually owned the game, if I remember correctly, but I had friends who had it, and it WAS more fun to sit and pop the dome than to play the game. cap_killer loved that game so much I think she bought another copy of it when she was in college. :) Weren't there 2 games with the pop-o-matic? I can't remember what the other one was.

You forgot popsicles! ;-)

I loved that pop-o-matic thing. We didn't have one ourselves, but we played it all the time at friends' houses...and I agree, popping the popper was the best part. *g*

I love the kids' commentary on the first fourth original Star Wars. It's like a cultural time-machine.

OHMIGOD!! How could I forget popsicles!! I plead the lateness of the hour and am editing my list forthwith!


I haven't thought about the Trouble game in, oh, I don't know...40 years?! I can vividly remember that dice popper thing. I LOVED that thing. My cousins had that game, but I didn't. I was so jealous. (They had all the cool games. Meanwhile, my mother bought me stuff like Shari Lewis and Lampchop little peel-off plastic thingies. Thanks, Mom.) I'm not sure I've seen that first Star Wars movie since it was released in '77. Did it hold up?? They filmed part of Return of the Jedi in my of E.T., too. The redwood forests? Yep, there. ~Marilyn

It holds up pretty well, actually, although the men's haircuts were VERY 70s. :D And the acting and dialogue...well, let's not get into that.

It took me awhile to learn how to blow bubbles with gum. The skill that took me forever to learn was how to roll my "r"s in Spanish class. I didn't get that down until high school. It was so frustrating!

I remember the SW anniversary commercials, "See it for the first time on the big screen!". I saw it on the big screen! (Johan thinks that's so cool, haha!) I was around 6 and Darth Vader scared the crap out of me. He still scares me!

Hee! Especially now that I know it's James Earl Jones' voice. :) I saw it when I was 13, in Holland, with Dutch subtitles. I still remember the chills I got at the beginning when the big space ship came in over our heads. Whoa!

I was born in Idaho, I'm a "Pop" person, but to chart that stuff on a map, somebody has WAY too much free time.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

LOL! I know. Sorry. :P

It shows a high degree of good taste on your part, and culture and class, that you like Pop Will Eat Itself. I applaud you heartily. ;>

I'm nothing if not full of good taste! :D Oh, and culture, and class, too. Yes, indeedy.

We play a different boardgame to the one you mentioned here in Holland but I don't know the English name, still it is VERY similar. It is very addictive and we play it once a week over at my mom's house. It is so simple and yet so much fun because you get to throw each other off the board if you land on the same spot as your opponent. I love boardgames although we don't play them nearly enough.

Hilarious post!

The mention of Pop Will Eat Itself is giving me the strangest flashbacks to highschool. I know I knew them, but I can't think of what their music is like.

We had that game when I was little. I agree the pop-dice mechanism was genius and the dice to that game were definitely never missing.

You are so silly, and I love you for it!

I can also pop my jaw - I don't do it on purpose anymore, but sometimes it gets stuck and OUCH! People cringe when I yawn really big.

Martin made me giggle with his Star Wars commentary. Just show him Princess Leia and her brass bikini in a couple of years and he'll like her much better! It's so funny to hear my peers talk about that brass bikini.

And Hop on Pop! I adored that book, and really I think it was the first book I 'read', meaning, I memorized it.

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