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We're on a roll here. A Star Wars roll. We watched the second fifth Empire Strikes Back tonight, and the kids are DEFINITELY too young for these movies, judging by the amount of questions we got peppered with ALL THE WAY THROUGH. Believe it or not, Anders has never seen them either, so it was quite the learning experience around here tonight, in a manner of speaking. We also had a pronunciation lesson on how to stick your tongue out correctly and blow while saying the th sound so that the guy in the black helmet isn't referred to as Dark Vader or Dwarf Vader or Dart Vader.

Afterwards, Anders did Darth Vader impressions at the kids as we got them ready for bed: "Martin...I am your father" and then came into the bathroom wielding the vacuum cleaner, declaring himself to be Darth Vacuum. I told Karin she should call her Uncle Johnnie and say "Luuuuuke, I am your father" to him, and Martin suddenly got this lightbulb over his head, and exclaimed, "Is THIS what that's from?" despite having just watched the scene not 15 minutes before. *rolls eyes*

Anders got a wild hair about gardening today, and we went to the plantskola and bought some wooden fence edging and 2 ädelcypress (Port Orford Cedars) bushes to plant behind the garbage container, along the side of the garage. He also bought 2 raised bed boxes so each kid can plant some vegetables and sunflowers, and is edging the whole thing, and planning to purchase some more bushes to go along the length of the garage. I picked up a pretty tea rose, and 3 snapdragons and planted them in the front garden, which we also discussed completely re-doing since neither one of us is really happy with it.

Then I went into work for 3 hours and managed to put a decent dent in my to-do list, which makes me feel better about the upcoming short week and everything I have going on. That is the first time, I think, that I have ever gone in on a weekend to work.

Tomorrow I'm singing in 2 concerts, the absolute last of the season, and Monday, the day off, I have NO PLANS, although Anders will be gone to a motorcycle event most of the day. :)
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I've never seen the Rocky movies, or the Godfather ones (just parts here and there of both), and I upset someone just the other day by remarking that I'd never seen The Usual Suspects, either. :D

The title of the post is something that Yoda says in The Empire Strikes Back, to Luke Skywalker.

I'm surprised by The Usual Suspect. My guess is that it would totally be your type of movie. Don't know why. And good lord! The Godfather is like the history of how the US is what it is...

But I'm not angry...

I know, it's one of those movies I keep thinking I have to get around to seeing one of these for the Godfather films, no thanks! The bits I've seen were enough for me. And I think there is a lot more to U.S. history than the mafia :P

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