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Places I Do Not Live:
  • Fly or Flyvbjerg, Denmark
  • Fly, Flybacken, Flyeboda, Flykälen, Flymen, Flyn, Flyeryd or Flygfors, Sweden
  • Flyford Flavell, England
  • Flying Point, Flying Mountain, or Flynns Lick, USA
  • Flyugovka, Russia
  • Flyverfjord, Norway

Other Places on the Same Latitude:
  • Moscow and Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia
  • The Bering Sea
  • Ketchikan, Alaska
  • Hudson Bay, Canada
  • Glasgow, Scotland
Things You Might Not Have Known About Sweden:
  • It's the fifth largest country in Europe
  • It's roughly the same size as California or Japan*
  • Since 1814 and the Napoleanic conflicts, Sweden has not actively taken part in any wars**
  • The average temperature in Malmö during January is 0.2C/31.6F and in July is 16.8C/62.2F
  • Even down south in Sweden, where we are, we get an average of 17 hours of daylight during July

Some Things About Flyinge:
  • The name Flyinge comes from the word flik, which translates as flap, edge, or lobe and refers to the little curved lakes engendered by the river in the area. Inge is apparently an old suffix from Danish, meaning meadow.
  • The village was referred to as Fliqinge, Fliinge and Fligende before settling on the current form of its name.
  • It became an official place name in 1906 when the first bridge over the Kävlinge River was built and the railway arrived, complete with a train station. Alas, the train station and the trains are long gone.
  • Flyinge doesn't have its own church or cemetery. The 2 villages bookending it each have one, however, both of them built in the 12th century.

  • 1 = where we live
  • 2 = where we used to live
  • 3 = the snail trail
There! Now all my lovely stalkers know where to find me. Keep in mind that we are well defended.


*This always surprises me. Japan looks so TINY on maps.
**Although they did allow the transport of German troops on their railways during WWII to Norway, but they don't like talking about it now.
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Re: Could you please tell me...

Hey, that's really great. I think I'd like to see the Stork Project!

It seems the two of you are doing really well, it's good to see people making progress with their young families. :D

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