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Man, I wish Livejournal had run their special on permanent accounts a month ago!! :( poo. Saving for summer vacation and puppies must take priority, however.

I'm very boring today. Work has eaten every brain cell I had left, and chewed them up and spit them out.

Grey pulpy brain cells lying wadded up in the bottom of my mental spittoon.




You would laugh if you could have seen me just now. I wrote that, then I sat here and snorted giggles through my nose until my eyes watered. Then I had to put my head down on the desk because the giggle-shaking was making me fall over.

I'm happy about something good that happened to a friend today. I'm disgusted with the weather. I'm tired and hoping that the Coke machine at work is fixed tomorrow because I cannot get through another work day with NO CAFFEINE.

I am reading a really good book. I couldn't put it down last night after I started it when I went to bed. I read until midnight, at which point my eyes were so blurring and burning with fatigue that I could barely see. Did I put the book down? No. I got up to go to the bathroom, and when I came back to bed, I PUT MY GLASSES ON AND CONTINUED READING. No wonder I'm so tired today. But, as soon as I get done with this, and with putting the kids to bed...

*pauses to yell "TEN MINUTES TO BEDTIME!!*

...I will carry on reading. Summer of Glorious Madness by Christy Yorke. I'm really glad to be reading a good book, because the last book I started was a thick collaboration which had too many characters who never made me care about them, too many storylines with no apparent point, no forward-movement of anything resembling a plot and I, who cannot remember ever having given up on a book so quickly, except with Dune, which I did finally try again and read through, and which turned out to be worth it, got about 1/5th of the way into it and then gave it up as a bad job, placing it disappointedly on the donation pile, because while I might have had the energy and the forgiving spirit to try again with Dune all those years ago, frankly, I just don't feel I have the time to waste anymore on crappy books when there are so many good ones out there waiting for me and TIME IS A WASTIN'!

Happy Hoppy Beautiful Flower-filled Birthday Wishes to gentle_dream!
mood: tired
music: The kids playing Don't Break the Ice: whack! whack! whack! whack!


First, I love Don't Break the Ice!!! You can let your children know they are lucky I am not there to kick their buts! I read that book! It was really good, I think I gave it to my mom to read. I know I wrote about it on my LJ. Do you have Red Bull over there? It's the new caffiene over here. I was dangerously close to being addicted, but now I only use it when I'm really tired!

Actually, you mailed it to ME! I got it from you! And judging by the amount of exclamation marks in your comment, you just had a Red Bull! haaa :) No, I've never had it, although I'm pretty sure you can get it over here. I don't need to be any more addicted to caffeine than I already am. :P

Sorry about the exclamation points, I do a lot of texting and you kind of need those in that medium, same with IM. I'm becoming a twentysomething when it comes to technology.

Doh, about the book. Right after I made that comment I thought to myself, I wonder if I sent that to her. How funny is that? I'm glad you like it. I really like the topic of relating madness to artistic talent and ability.

How did the allergy tests come out? Is the puppy a sure thing?

don't know yet :( My results are supposed to back in 10-15 days (today is 6) and Anders called to find out if they had even received his letter, but got no conclusive answer. They did tell him they would get him in right away if there was a cancellation :( I hate waiting...!!!

Thank you thank you for the birthday wishes. I wish you would have a permanent account now too since LJ is so much your home as well. Maybe the next time around.

I'm a big dork! I was a day early! Happy birthday today!! :)

Grey pulpy brain cells lying wadded up in the bottom of my mental spittoon.

Okay, agree with the "EW." But oh, such a perfect description! *g*

I stayed up too late last night, checking the proof for a book of essays (not by me) for typos and errors. I like your reason for staying up better.

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