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Summer was so long when I was a kid. I'm pretty sure they've shortened it. And they've definitely made it colder.

THEY'VE got a lot to answer for.

Althooouuugh, they may have shortened the LENGTH of it, but the days! Wow, are THEY long! And this! Sunshine makes me so happy, especially after a couple of weeks of unseasonably cold and grey weather. This was the sky a few minutes ago, at 8:30 p.m. in the evening.

blue sky to the north

blue sky to the south

Then I walked around and took some more photos of things green and growing and things lilac and lovely.

pretty green

clover is the new grass
Clover is the new least in our yard!

not so itty bitty anymore

ready for my closeup!

It's hard to think about bedtime when it's that sunny out. We put the kids to bed at the customary time, pulling their black shades down to block the brightness. After I went out to snap the sky, I snuck in to see if they were sleeping.

karin not sleeping
Verdict: Karin = not sleeping!

martin sleeping?

nope! not sleeping!
Verdict: Martin = not sleeping!

Because I am chronically early and a big dork and wished them yesterday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON YOUR ACTUAL BIRTHDAY, BIRTHDAY WISHES to gentle_dream! (she's so nice, I wished them twice!)

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music: Laura Kemp—Roses and Hats


THEY'VE got a lot to answer for.

I'll say they do!! :)

Lovely pictures, thanks for sharing them :) We seem to be mirroring your weather back here in Oregon. Even for a bad June it's been cold and dark :p

Heavens to Mergatroid your kids are CUTE!

Mergatroid!? hahahaha!

If your weather follows the pattern ours has (and so far it seems like you are getting the weather we had about a week or so later) then get ready, 'cause summer, the real thing, is on its way. We had a miserable May, cold and gray and rainy. That all ended with Memorial Day, as if the weather gods had heard me say, "Damnit, this is supposed to be the start of the summer!" and woke up from their sleepy spring fiddling around and got busy. June is bustin' out all over!

Ooh what a lovely post. So summery and uplifting. Two of my favouite flowers, lilac and dainty clover. I remember how hard it used to be settling down to bed while the sun was still shining. Your children are just so cute!

I adore your pictures. They are so bright. I don't think I could do that with my camera. It is not that good. Thank you for the extra birthday wishes, you are so sweet.

very nice photos! :)

(i wanted to say hi - i just added you to my friends list.)

thank you, and welcome :)

You're listening to Laura Kemp... she's from Eugene. I saw her at the Folk Festival a couple of weeks ago. Great.

My best friend Becky, who lived in Eugene for years (she's in Grants Pass now) put her on a couple of mixed tapes she made me :)

I've mislaid your address. Email it to me and I'll burn you a Laura Kemp cd from the one I have.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

And, I found it anyhow.. could have surprised you :-


What fun pictures to look at as I sit her scarfing down some strawberry shortcake (my favorite summer dessert)... ~Marilyn

My favourite flowers in the whole world are lilacs. Imagine how happy I was when we moved here last spring and a month later the mass of bushes in the gård and under our balcony bloomed with white, light purple and dark purple lilacs. *laugh* I love walking Susan in the evening and stopping to drink in the scent of them.

Your kids are the cutest!

They're one of my favorites, too. Can you believe I didn't know what they looked like until I moved to Sweden?! Not a lot of lilacs in downtown Chicago. :)

gorgeous pics - AS ALWAYS

and? love clover. I really do . . . ~bluepoppy

Re: gorgeous pics - AS ALWAYS

You'd love our yard, then. It's COVERED in it! :D

I love all your green and flowery pictures. Great job! And can I come over and play in the playhouse? How cute are your children, especially Karin, drawing pictures in bed??

We spent the summer of '75 tent camping across Alaska, and one of the things I remember most vividly is the endlessness of the days. (I don't think we used a flashlight on the entire six week trip.) There's something mystical, magical, about those long, languorously lit nights.

Hee! at Martin and Karin -- some things are constants, across the generations. *g*

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