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music: The Daddies—Shake Your Lovemaker


Do tell!

They got their hair cut yesterday, and spray-color is always part of the job :) Then we had myskväll hence the candy :)

Too cute!

so great :D

Heh heh heh! adorable

Am I the only one who notices the humor behind Liz's music selection that goes with this picture??

Lizardeks music selection

I too have noticed the humor behind Liz´s music selections, but as I am her brother, I also know that while she may have that particular song on tape or CD, she is NEVER listening to it while working on her computer. I only recently fixed her stereo in her computer room and still she does not use it....

she needs to come out of the closet on this subjuect....

lizardbro - alias Johann Metzger...

Re: Lizardeks music selection

NEVER is a pretty harsh word coming from someone who never has a music selection on their own journal entries...mostly because they never WRITE any journal entries. Especially considering that NEVER isn't correct.

My My, touched a nerve did I?

I thought you were not talking to me....

*la la la I can't hear you*

Oh, that's great and I love the look that Martin is giving.

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