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My results are in...

I am NOT allergic to dogs!

mood: jubilant
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How about Anders?

He's getting tested on Monday. *biting fingernails*

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Keep your fingers crossed!! Anders has his allergy tests on Monday.


FA-BU-LOUS !! That is one less thing to consider :o)

Ohweee!!! That's great news. I hope Anders will get the same results back! Then there's nothing in between your family and one of those adorable puppies anymore is there?

nope! Then we just have to scrape together all the money to pay for him!

No puppy allergies for you- congrats!

Good post

I really liked your entire 9 June post.... "Beauty. That's my drug." I feel the same way, its the most wonderful feeling in the world, isn't it?... to experience beauty in whatever form it appears, for me...reading good writing is refreshingly intoxicating.... and you articulated your thoughts on that so well. Thanks for sharing...Kevin B.

Re: Good post

You're very welcome! Thanks for your kind words :)

Hooray! And the kids? I'll keep my fingers crossed for Anders' test on Monday.

We're not testing the kids, since they have no known allergies :) Just us, since we already knew we had potential problems.


Celebration Time! C'mon...let's celebrate! Celebration Time, C'MON!!!

okay... singing's over. Now get me that puppy to drool upon!!!
xoxox Wee

LOL! Anders is getting his tests done on keep your fingers CROSSED!!!

Yay for no doggy allergies! Here's hoping that Anders comes back similarly allergy-free!

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