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Cooking group was both a failure and a success today. We were supposed to be 5 people, but 2 never showed and didn't bother to call, which I find inexcusable, unless I find out later there was blood and hospital visits involved. :( We had a ton of food leftover, therefore, but that's okay as it was SUSHI. Martine brought the largest cucumber I've ever seen in my life. We made california rolls, spicy tuna rolls, cucumber rolls, tuna/mayo rolls, rolls with spinach, rolls with avocado, rolls with omelett and carrot and they were all GREAT. I'm a master at sushi roll-rolling. It's all in the thumbs.

Still no one for President in our club and elections are rapidly approaching. I talked to Jennifer today and she hadn't heard from anyone (out of over 100 people, arrrgh!!), but has a prospect (who is having an even tougher time of it than she is right now) to at least talk to about a co-presidency if nothing else. I'm stuck with my AWC work as the nominee question makes a difference for the website, the newsletter, the ballots and the presentation, so everything is on hold. And WHY can't people check their emails at least once a day and respond to them?! Is that really too much to ask?!!

My good-and-far-too-far-away friend, knuckie sent me some scrapbooking supply links today and one of them, DiBona Designs has some lovely ephemera sheets that are, alas, much too expensive at the moment.

Busy week ahead: Parent Meeting at the school on Monday, Book group on Tuesday (for which I have not read the book), and either a tupperware party or choir on Wednesday depending on if the tupperware party gets cancelled, which seems likely at the moment. We do however, have the trip to Brio to look forward to on Sunday, and we get PAID this week, hurray!

Question for galestorm, thesidhe, reebert or anyone else who might know: how do you go about gluing things from transparency sheets to your collage pages? Doesn't the glue show? (glue issues AGAIN)
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The scrapbooking shop sells a clear double sided tape that you can use on transparencies and vellum and things of that nature. It doesn't show through.

Our AWC club has serious participation problems as well. I feel your pain. It's the same 20 people doing everything in our club as well.

I swear, Marie, it makes me crazy!! Hey, by the way, are you hosting people yourself for the regional? :) I'm really hoping to be able to swing into the scrapbooking shop while I'm there, would you feel up for helping me get there? I'm clueless in Gothenburg :)

For some reason every time I clicked 'reply' under your post it took me to a page with one of your user icons....wierd!

I haven't signed up to host anyone yet only because we've been so broke and I didn't want to be a bad hostess because of that. But the scrapbooking shop isn't very far from my place and I wouldn't mind taking you around at all! :) We should try to get you into Arkivet while you're here too, and maybe even In-Ex.

no worries, I'm not trying to pressure you, and believe me, I really know what it feels like to be broke! :)

hmm, do you use glue sticks?

I do, for some things, but not so much anymore since galestorm told me it doesn't stick after awhile and things start peeling off. Plus, gluesticks aren't transparent, so I'm guessing it would show through. Have to try some of the other suggestions.

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Where do you buy your things? I need acrylic gel medium and gesso in the worst way!

I haven't used any of my transparencies yet because I'm too chicken, but I have used things printed or stamped on vellum, which is translucent, if not transparent. What I've done with that is to attach it with brads (those little things with prongs that I talked about at your social night). No glue in sight.

I have to get me some of them. But with the transparencies, I don't want to use brads, because I'm cutting out little images.

Oh, and I'm really sorry to hear that not enough people turned up for sushi. (I hope I wasn't one of them who signed up and then forgot! but I don't think so...) I'm sure you took care of the surplus sushi problem, though. :)

no, you're not one of them. :) It was someone else who is, sadly, getting a reputation for this sort of thing.

She's on the sign up sheet. Let's just say that it wasn't Katrina (the hostess) or Martine (the sushi instructor) or me (the sushi-pig).

Hm, don't think I've even met her or them. Oh well. Sorry you got stuck, and wish I were there.

actually, we almost called you. next time I will follow my instincts :)

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