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I don't have anything pressing to write about tonight, but I can't stop the compulsion, regardless. Luckily for me, and sadly for you, I don't feel the pressure to be scintillating and interesting every damn day. :P Haaa!

I keep finding good writers. I keep adding blogs and journals to my list. I need an INTERVENTION.

Mack the Knife is playing on my playlist right now, and I want to get up and dance, but there is no one here to dance with. What a bummer that my Uncle Mike and Uncle Sam live so far away, and that my grandad is dead, because they would all come jitterbug with me if they could. Anders rarely dances, and especially not when sober. And the kids are asleep, a good thing in Karin's case, because if she wasn't I'd be strangling her by now. (kidding! sort of.)

Progress is being made on the summer vacation plans, as I've managed to secure a bed & breakfast in Giethoorn, Holland (hey, dutch LJ'ers! What are you doing in July??) for 3 nights, and confirmed our arrival date with my brother in Germany. The mail hold has been set up and my parental leave has been applied for, so I'm feeling very on top of things. I'm even halfway finished with the AWC website! Go, me!

Have I talked about Giethoorn before? Probably, but I can't remember. It's one of my most favorite places on earth. A tiny little village in the middle of nowhere, smack in the center of The Netherlands, and its claim to fame is that it has no roads. No cars, no rush hour, no traffic jams. To get around, there are tiny little walking paths or little boats on canals that run through the town. They used to, and they might still, take the cows out to pasture in flat-bottomed boats. It's the most calming, peaceful, lovely little spot. I can't wait. And it's very nicely centrally located, so we can do some day trips to Kinderdike and Staphorst and Edam and the North Sea beaches and perhaps Amsterdam. I'm still sad that the Evoluon in Eindhoven is no longer a hands-on exploratorium, though. It was, hands-down, the coolest museum EVER in the history of the world and now, it's a conference center. Gah.

2.5 more weeks to summer vacation!

Crying With Laughter: Man, I could kill for some dark chocolate M&Ms right now. (warning: spoilers!)

Also Cracking Me Up: This is my plan, too.

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When in July will you be in the Netherlands??

There's a new science museum now in Amsterdam called Nemo. I've never been there, but it's supposed to be a lot of fun.

ooh, thanks for the tip!! We'll be in the Netherlands from late on July 3rd to July 6th, approximately :)

Hm, those are working days for me...

By the way, have you ever visited the storm surge barrier in the south? It's quite impressive. It's keeping our feet dry, so we're quite attached to it. ;-))

Hey, I was going to mention that too! The Nemo is much fun and in the summer you can sit on the roof and enjoy the view and a cup of coffee or fristi (depending on your inclination).

Giethoorn is such an idyllic little place. Dirk and his family spent a couple of summers (weeks in the summer) there when he was little. I almost always take my American guest there because it truly does match the mental image of what the Netherlands should be like. :)

Hmmm, towards the end of July I should definitely have some free time. Whispering boats and pancakes with the infamous Karin and Martin...I just might be up for that.

Of course I also think that Amersfoort (the best preserved mideival city center in the Netherlands) should make to your list of side trips. Then you and the family can come and barbecue at my place. :)

I will put it on our list for daytrips! We will only be in Holland from the night of the 3rd until sometime on the 6th, though.

Hmm, that's a bit more difficult. The 3rd (Sunday) or the 6th (Wednesday) would be possible but Monday and Tuesday druing the day are hard (that whole teaching thing kind of gets in the way). Evenings are always possible, though.


Promise you'll post pictures of this town with no roads...sounds GREAT. ~Marilyn

If you're looking for an Intervention here, I think you're looking in the wrong place. :-D

Your summer vacation plans sound heavenly. I do hope you take lots of photos -- you've raised my curiosity about this hamlet. ;-)

(Oh, and heck, get up and dance without him. I do! *g*)

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