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Last spring and summer I walked every day. I had big plans for this year. Big, I tell you! Then I de-railed completely with a severely sprained ankle in February and I have not walked except once. It's only now that my foot is starting to feel closer to normal than it has for a long time. I know, I'm lame. (haaaaaaaaa) I need a kick in the seat of the pants, a motivating word, a kick start. KICK! START!

My son is in the middle of a project that has me totally floored. I can't wait until he's done so I can scan it and amaze the internets and get inquiries of interest from Harvard offering to pay for his future undergraduate and master's degree, complete with room and board and all. It's that amazing.

Look, over there! Something shiny! Work has sucked out my brain (in a good way) and left a big hole where I was supposed to write about something interesting today. The mother of one of my best friends in high school used to distract people when she didn't want them to look at what she was doing by yelling "Look! A flock of turtles!" and pointing up at the sky (or ceiling or out the window, as the case might be). I try it occasionally with my kids, but it never works. And trying to yell it in Swedish is even worse, because the word for turtles is such a mouthful: "Titta! En flock med sköldpaddor!" ...pronounced: "Tee-tah! En flawk med fwhul-pad-door!"

Reasons why my brain is sucked out: 1) 2.5 weeks until a MONTH-LONG summer vacation. 2) What I did today included, but was not limited to: making revisions and next-to-final corrections to an 8-page newsletter layout. Beginning localized version of another 8-page newsletter layout in Portuguese. Creating 6 web banners, 2 web pages, and 5 documents of information for TWO different promotions in THREE different languages, plus another web banner. Doing the layout for 2 advertisements. Putting out a fire that turned out not to be a fire with the PDF of another advertisement. Having a meeting about getting the content for NINE DIFFERENT HTML newsletters in 7 different languages by next week so I can flow the layouts and get them ready for sendout before my vacation in 2.5 weeks. Teaching our Marketing Assistant about our file server archive structure and where to find things. Sending 2 translations for proofreading. There was more, but I forget. But yay! there's more tomorrow! I love my job.

Hey Friends & Lurkers! My friend Chuck is looking for guest bloggers! I've already signed up for one day of ALL MEMES ALL THE TIME! Or, wait...no...I know! ME AND ELVIS DOWN AT THE KMART. Yeah. No! Wait, I know! PARTY LIKE A GNAT ON AN OPEN WOUND. Yeah, that'll bring the hits rolling in on the old stats counter.

Something I'm Proud Of: A group of wonderful women writers and editors has been zinging out a quality ezine for over a year now. I'm honored to be a part of it. Go check out the latest edition of Mosaic Minds: Expectations. Also, why don't you consider submitting your work? We love contributing writers!
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