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My dad with his dad
My father, John Whitney Slaughter (1940-1996), with HIS father, Danely Philip Slaughter
(1911-1970), c. 1941
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What a beautiful photograph. Thank you!

I need to do the same. Great idea.

This is lovely.

That's such a wonderful photo. I miss my dad as well.

So that cute little boy was your own father! What a wonderful photograph. He looks safe and happy with your grandfather.

He looks like Martin!

was thinking the same. :)

Ditto. And what a handsome Grandpa!

My first thought as well!

I thought so too!

That is a beautiful picture, such an expressive face.

Don't your children resemble him!

They are both so beautiful! I can really see your kids in your dad there - the eyes.

Gorgeous photo ... I recognise those eyes :)

Orson Welles? :)

Awesome picture! I definitely see your dad's eyes in your kids...especially Martin. :)

An absolutely marvelous photo -- definite family treasure!

*Echoes the beatuiful photo comments and the "Wow, I can see the family resemblance."*

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