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I'm so bummed out I can hardly see straight.

Anders is allergic to dogs.
mood: crushed

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Poodles aren't dogs! At least as far as allergy sufferers go, and if you get a standard, they are REAL dogs (as opposed to bits of fluff).

The allergy/lung doctor squashed that completely as an urban legend. He was told there is no way to know whether he'll get worse or develop an immunity to any particular dog or breed of dog. We can't take the risk :(

Hmmm ... just how allerigic is "allergic"?

I'm not sure I'd let that stop me, unless it were life-threatening or something. Seriously, I can't live without a dog, and I really, really hope you don't have to, either.

asthma on top of regular itch/hives :( We can't take the risk that he'd either get worse or we'd have to give up a dog :(

Oh, no ... that totally sucks!! What about the 'hypo-allergenic' dogs that don't shed? I know that some people who are allergic to dogs can actually have a breed like that. Poodles, Schnauzers, etc.

The doctor said it's really not true, and that there's no way to know if you'll get worse or develop an immunity if you are already allergic. We can't take the risk :(

That's such a huge disappointment! I'm so sorry to hear it. I've heard that poodle, labradoodles and airdales (no idea how to spell that one) are supposed to be allergy free. Maybe that's an option?

apparently not. The doctor said there is no way to know which way you'll go if you already have asthma. The idea that some dog breeds are "better" than others is apparently an urban legend (of sorts). :( waah!!

have him sleep out back;-)

or trade him in for a cleaner model? :P

Oh no, you were so excited about this. I don't know if those Chinese Crescent dogs could be an option because they are naked.

nope :( it's not the hair, it's an enzyme in the blood that comes out in the dander.

Yes, I know a few families with dog allergies that have a poodle. So there might be hope on the horizon. There is also another breed that I know of but cannot remember the name.

The asthma/lung doctor pretty much squashed that hope. :(

Oh Dear...How allergic is he? Is it a mild allergy or is it a serious one? Did he have any troubles that day taht you went to the breeders?



asthma on top of regular itch/hive allergies. We were outside at the breeders and only there for an hour, so we couldn't judge by that. :(


NOOOoooooooOOOOOOooooooOOOOO! Aren't there shots or pills or something he can take? How allergic is allergic?!!! My father-in-law is also allergic to dogs, but they had one for fifteen years. He seemed to develop an immunity after a couple of months. No, no, no. Thi simply can't be true. Damn.

I'd be completely falttened if I wasn't catching a plant to NYC in two hours. Or rather... leavving for the airport to in two hours. Plane does not actually leave for like five or six hours or something. O..... bother.

xo Wee

He's already developed asthma thanks to the cats I had when I met. :( The doctor said that he's pretty much allergic to everything now, and there's no way to know whether he'll develop a worse one if we did get a dog, or an immunity instead. We can't take the chance either way that he'd get worse or we'd have to give up a dog. My heart is broken. :( waah!

I'm allergisc to dogs,
but still can have a Poodle.
They are much more fun than there reputation as an old womans dog,
that's so wrong about that dog.
It loves to play and is a very smart dog.

The asthma/lung doctor pretty much squashed that hope. :(

:( i am also allergic to dogs. i wish i could have one for some humane company!

You have my sympathies. :-(

I know what it's like to live with an allergic-to-everything-but-fish spouse. Even if a poodle might be ok, G is convinced it would kill him and is unwilling to even entertain the idea. When I'm old and widowed, I'll be one of those old ladies with a cat that people feel sorry for. Unless, of course, Ingrid or lillebror turn out to have the same problem. Sigh.

Oh, no!

I hope you'll be able to consider many of the suggestions already posted -- I've had a poodle before and they're great, btw :)

The asthma/lung doctor pretty much squashed that hope. :(


Nooooooooooooooo! I hope some solution works itself out. Big HUG for you all. :-(

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