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Martin Ek, aged 7.5, would like to invite you to an exclusive web premiere of his masterpiece novel. As his mother, I'm eagerly donning my best prodigy agent-slash-manager hat. My kid blows me away! Prepare to be blown away yourself!

On the Road, or literally, "Out Traveling"

This is Morran.* He is mischievous.

"Today I shall go on an expedition," he said.

When he came to the lake, he met Anki**

"My, you look sad," said Morran.
"Mama gone"† said Anki.
†Anki is a baby.

"I will find her," said Morran. "Yes!" said Anki.

So, off they went.

On a long...


With danger...And excitement...

And love...And happiness.

Along came the train and they jumped on. "Train to Mama," said Anki. "He means the hospital." [said Morran] "Ok," said the engineer.

So they traveled a long...


And there, on the 2nd floor: "Mama" said Anki.

"My child!" said Mama. "It's a baby!"

*I asked Martin what Morran's name would be in English, but he said it was just his name. Morra is the snarling, growling sound that dogs or animals make. Morrhår is Swedish for "whisker." He's a mouse, so Whiskers might be an appropriate translation, but otherwise your guess is as good as mine.
**Anki is a common name for a duck. The word for duck in Swedish is and or anka.
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I'm floored by that kid!

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Wow...that's story is worthy of publishing. I can tell you read lots to them because it has the classic structure that a kids book should have. Repeats sequences, simple but meaningful plot. The illustrations fit it perfectly. Seriously, I'd talk to some publishing powers that be or at least look into binding it and making a real lasting copy for yourselves.

*giggles at the fact that the Swedish word for "The End" is "Slut"*...(yes, I've been hanging out with 5th graders too long)

I know! He's incredible! The Swedish word for "good" is "bra" and for "speedbump"? FART HINDER! Hee!

that's inspiring beyond normal range! thank you! i'm trying hard to get back to the drawing habit but it seems i'm afraid (a drawer's block??) to touch the pen. but i think it is more about that i don't have much to share these days. need a muse or something. :)

Doodle! doodle doodle doodle!

Wow!Wow!Wow! He's so cool!!!!

What a great great story! I love it!

Wow, that's is so great!

Björn and I read that together and LOVED it! Wonderful!!

What amazes me is not so much the story (he's YOUR kid after all), but the fact that he's aware of the use of the asterisk and used it. I LOVED that part.

That blew me away, too! And the page with the "danger and excitement and love and happiness" and when I first saw the "long long long, etc." road page, I laughed until I cried.

That's wonderful, well done!!!

WOW! That is a really amazing and well-written story. I LOVE the illustrations, especially the overview of the train tracks, and how Morran looks from above with his wavy tail out behind him. Very well written, very well drawn. Color me uber-impressed.

Me, too :)

so cool!! im so impressed! a truly talented young man :) i really loved the pages with the overviews of the road and!

He's a card, that kid :)

Danger, excitement, a mother and child reunited, better call the Nobel committee ASAP!

Yeah! Them, too! :)


I love his backpack...

Oh, this is wonderful.

It needs an award. It needs to be published somewhere.

Thank you!

The backpack is darling, I agree! :)


Rachel, Bryce and I read Martin's story for bedtime tonight. We all really enjoyed it. Martin did a fabulous job. Did he use the book making kit he got for Christmas or did we get him something else and now need to get one? I know we discussed this for a gift- and obviously it's just what he needs! I do think it really needs to be published for him! The reading of books sure shines through this- and his command of languages is terrific! Love, Grandma(Lizardmom)

He's working on that Illustory right now as a matter of fact. :) He was on the computer when I came home yesterday.

We miss you!! It's been ages since we talked! I figured you guys were too crazy busy but will try and get you tonight.

I'm so glad I got to meet that sweet boy. I miss him! Bravo!

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