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We're starting down the long, darkening slope of the year as of today. It's hard to believe that this is as good as it gets. When it's this sunny and warm and light out, when the birds are chirping at 3 a.m. and the grass is growing at amazing rates, there is no possibility of winter, of long, dreary days of darkness. I'm a bit ashamed of myself that the lightest day of the year is a symbol meaning that's it, it's over now, and we're on the way back down into the darkness. Of course, around December 21st, my heart is always lightened, despite the looming stretch of horror more commonly referred to as February, by the fact that that is the time when things can't get any WORSE, that we're on the upswing, that each day the light is returning arc by arc across the face of the countryside.

If I could only freeze (hee! stupid metaphor) this day, this temperature, this golden glow of summer evening. Put it behind glass in a little treasure box, perhaps, with a tiny crystal hammer on a chain and a label saying "break glass in case of emergency." Then I could open it, let it out, hold my hands over it to warm them, whenever the lack of sunlight and warmth begins eating at my bones.

I came home completely zonked out and tried to take a nap on the couch after dinner, but MAN! It's so LOUD outside! There is a whole tree full of crows having a reunion or a rumble or a graduation party right across from our backyard and they are so loud they sound as though they are in the room with me. Crows are loud! Also, rude! I like it when I hear the horses nicker, though. I wrote this in an attempt to capture it all:

Summer Sounds
The sunlight has a hum that fills you from within
It plays a silent soothing melody from underneath your skin
The crows, they shout and rumble, a tree-filled cacophony
A chattering of magpies counterpoints with harmony
A whicker from a passing horse slips over to me here
He lifts his head and shakes his mane and perks up one brown ear
The barnyard cat walks silently out from his grassy lair
I purse my lips and whistle, am greeted with a stare
Summer's full of creature sounds, of sunlight and of air
Full of softly sighing breezes, lawnmowers growling like a bear
Wings shush, a buzzing hush, replete with song am I
The swooping sounds of summer upon me from on high


I read all of your comments to Martin and he was very pleased by the responses to his book, and rather solemn by the end.

And now, I need to go knock some more things off my to-do list. Thwack!

Edited to add: A few minutes ago, a gentleman pheasant stopped short during his stroll along the embankment of the ditch dividing us from the farm and screamed his head off for several minutes. The crows are whispering in the very quietest of quiet whispers in comparison. Holy screeching moly!
mood: tired
music: loud corvidae conversations


Yes, pheasants are L*O*U*D. To me they sound like a sawmill grinding at quick intervals.


And please...for the next 3 months, refrain from using the F-word* in your posts. Is that so much to ask? ;-)


LOL. Yes, ma'am. :D

some green grass and foals for you,
taken at a "western riding" place near my village this morning.

Image hosted by

(the exposed butt was not intended. please excuse!) :-)

What a GREAT photo!! Thank you for sharing it with me (exposed butt and all, LOL!)

For just a second, before I spotted the tip of the ear, I thought "How the hell did that horse get twisted in that position?"

We have seagulls here that have decided that the device that prevents snow from sliding off the roof is THE perfect place to sit, and whilest sitting, throw their heada back and, in unison, let loose with seagull screams. Why? Just for the hell of it apparently.

It's funny, I see seagulls often out in the fields on the other side of town, especially when tractors are at work, but we rarely see them anywhere in our neighborhood. They ARE loud. All the birds are loud! Darn loud birds.

what about the f-ing nightingales! when all the other loud birds go silent they start up, and right outside your bedroom window too. (at least they do in my village.) :-)

I like the blackbird's song, though :)

Wonderful images, as always -- your knack for putting the reader directly into the setting is phenomenal, and always makes me greedy for more. ;-)

It seems hard to believe that June is almost behind us, so soon. Spring was so cold and rainy here, that it hardly feels like Summer's even started, and yet here we are, already on the other side of that psychological divider. I sooo want one of your little treasure boxes of emergency Summertime, to hoard for those Months Which Must Not Be Named ahead of us.

(Also, given the volume of his call, I suspect that pheasant was no gentleman... *g*)

It was cold and rainy here, too. I think that makes it much harder to bear. Keep your fingers crossed...they are promising a warm and sunny midsummer this weekend. If so, it will one of the rare, shining few in the 9 summers I've been here.

Maybe the pheasant was trying to get some sleep, and had enough of those damn uncivilized and rowdy crows. As with any respectable country gent who has reached the end of his tether and is being harassed in, or upon his own estate, the pheasant responded in a very loud and vehement manner.

Next I expect the pheasant shall be making calls to the avairian police to move these d*mned loud, bludging louts on.

I think he was more likely scoping for chicks :D

so if it gets real quiet in the pheasant's domain, and you have a telescopic equipped video camera, you could get some pleasant pheasant p*rn.


Too bad I can't trade a few days of our tropical heat for a few days of your winter chill. (We currently live in southern Vietnam.)

:) It's not really the cold that gets me, it's the darkness (in the winter). I can't take the kind of heat you must be used to! :P

I hide in air conditioning as much as I can. Probably unhealthy but much more comfortable. :P

Love the temps, hate the late light

Given that I haven't had a decent night's sleep in the last three weeks, I'm actually relieved that the days will be getting a little shorter. The sunshine and mild temperatures are great, but I'm a friggin' zombie due to sleep-deprivation!

Re: Love the temps, hate the late light

dark shades, sleep mask... ? valium? (hee!)

I try hard not to think about the fact that we are now losing a smidgen of daylight every day. If I let myself think about that, I'll start getting depressed already and I love the summer too much to let it be hitched to winter's cart.

What does me in isn't the loss of light so much as it will be the first sign of that fall foliage. It's beautiful, especially here in New England where they practically have it patented, but I curse it when it starts showing up.

Today we have picture postcard perfect weather. Sunny, blue skies, green trees, shining blue water, light sea breeze, warm but not hot. I don't think you could find a person who wouldn't be happy with it.

I like that phrase "loving summer too much to let it be hitched to winter's cart"...I may have to steal it :D

Funny, though, much as I hate the darkness, I LOVE Fall. It's my very favorite time of year, although I hold spring very dear, too.

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