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Would you THUNDER AND LIGHTNING already and have your big old rainstorm so that the barometric pressure that is pushing my head down, causing all the little spinal connections in my neck to collapse and crunch into each other, crunch crunch crunch, would RELEASE before I'm compressed into pygmyhood!?


I like the cool breeze, though, keep that coming.

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mood: sore
music: windy winds


Ooh. I had that last week when we were supposed to get a storm and never did. Thought my head was going to implode from the pressure.


hate low pressure

GAH! I know exactly what you are talking about. Low pressure system is my kryptonite. Renders me more useless than normal.

Hang in there baby-- it's gotta break sometime. ~bluepoppy

I'm waffling back and forth on this front (no pun intended) -- I desperately want it to thunder and rain and get this HHH weather the heck out of here, but I also need it to not rain (much) for the next two days, as Fred and I finish the move out of his old apartment.

Cold front pushing in here tonight, nasty wind and rain predicted, but overnight temps still expected to be around 70 and sticky. Blech.

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