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okay, what the freaking hell is wrong with IE?? Fonts are showing in all kinds of wonky sizes and encoding won't stick when I set them back. WTF? HATE. HATE! Stupid Microsoft. Is anyone else having this problem? or is it *suspiciously* just ME??

Work is going to be insane right up until the last second what with the waiting on people who wait until the last minute despite having had plenty of notice and reminders and pleading phone calls and the making of last-minute changes to everything I already had done. ARGH

I've had a to-do list of stuff at home to get done before we head out, and cleaning the house bit by bit was on it, so as not to make myself crazy with trying to do it all at once, and I was going to vacuum tonight and the *$%!@)# vacuum suddenly won't work. GAH

Karin will not shut up and go to sleep already despite it being an hour past her bedtime. GRITTING TEETH


1 more day. 1 more day. 1 more day!


Soothing, Warm and Quiet Birthday Wishes to jema!
mood: frustrated
music: teeth gritting, jaw clenching, hair tearing


Just ten minutes ago, Lennart's new computer claimed it had found new hardware, and he should therefore click some button or other to install drivers. But the new hardware it claimed to have found was the mouse and the keyboard. :P Nasty Windows. He's installing NetBSD now.

I've come to the conclusion that things like this happen right before vacations just to make sure you don't take the vacation for granted. As if that would happen.

I'd like to call a do-over for this week, does that work for you?

i hate days like those. hope things get a hell of a lot more sunny for you soon!

Fucking flies! is something I find myself saying a LOT these days too! hahaha Hope things go better for you tomorrow. :)

ow, momma! you is MAD!
i'm sorry, chica~ i hope the bads go quickly
and the good come back to stay~

No idea what's with IE except that IE is devil-spawned. I just set up my brand-new PC at work this afternoon. When I shut it down for the first time, I got my first error message. *sigh* Computers, they're weird. But I hope the rest of your week gets better!

Glad to see you're human and not always chirping :)

HAR! If you only knew.

One word ... FIREFOX~!! So-oo-o much better.

Hmmm.....welll let's see:

(a) IE is the spawn of the devil, and the best spawn we got for the breadth of things it does, and the scale in which it is used across the world. Not necessarily for some of its idiosyncarcies. We work with IE, we paddle it, pummel it, and pray. Everyone else is having the same problem, or a different problem for, to alter a famous quote, all unhappy IE users are unhappy in their own way...

(b) Work is always insane if you care. Tomorrow you are gone. Do what you can reasonably achieve, notify those who will need to pick up the threads, and then walk out the door, dismissing it all from your mind. IT will either be there or not, resolved or unresolved, when you get back. Such is the nature of the beast.

(c) Housework? I am a man. Therefore dust does not exist. And the gods of vacuuming have spoken. Move on. Just wipe the crumbs off all exposed surfaces, make a cup of coffee/tea, and sit down with a good book.

(d) Oh you have children. How sweet, how lovable. I sometimes want to boil mine down to make glue. Other times I want to place them in a large globule of amber to keep the pure sweetness and flowing of love from them caught in that moment of time frozen and perfect for ever.

At bedtime, after a long day, I just sigh deeply - and usually shout. Grinding teeth probably comes into it as well.

(e) If you don't like your flies push them to the side of the plate. They have too many calories anyhow. But there is no dessert young lady! (or maybe that was what the mommy frog said to the tadpole??)

(f) one more day. ONE MORE DAY!!! ARRGHHHHH I don't know when my one more day is!!! ARRGGHHHHH!!! Thank ODIN it is Friday!!! I get a weekend, and time to spend with the two darlings/terrorists, and away from work.

Just breathe, breathe.

a) I agree to some extent, even though usually it does its job just fine, but WTF with the inexplicable and sudden weirdness for NO DISCERNIBLE reason?! argh!

b) Dismissing it all from my mind is the hard part. I love my job so I worry about it when I'm away.

c) hahaha! pfft.

d) That is the most succintly perfect 2 sentences I have ever read about what I feel for my children.


f) *happy dance* the 1 last day has arrived!

a) and I aggree IE sucks at such moments.

b) ~sigh~ as do I, dang it all!!

c) :)

d) :):)

e) if you pull the wings off a fly, you create a...walk...

f) weekend is here....~long happy sigh~

*shoulder chuck*

I've been having a lot of these kinds of days as well. Must be some sort of cosmic fart.

Some days just suck. Hope tomorrow is better. Sending non-parenthetical hugs your way

I feel your pain. I've been having internet troubles for a week. I'm almost bald....

By the time you read this, you'll have made it through to the weekend and holiday time!

I hate days that make me feel like that. Glad to see (from your next entry) that things smoothed out, but will continue to think soothing thoughts in your direction.

(Not to the flies, though. The flies can die, Die, DIE!)

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