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Anders climbed up the ladder to take the central vacuum cleaner on the laundry room wall apart and find out what the matter was only to discover that the bag, apparently too heavy with ick, had split and dropped away from the hose output, filling the canister around and under the bag with filth and disgustingness, including PINE NEEDLES, our major indication that it's been this way since at least Christmas. He managed to heave all the crap out, re-bag it, and use our old portable vacuum to clean up the resulting mess. When I got home I vacuumed the house, and WOW does that thing SUCK when it's got a brand new empty bag. :D

Thwacking Things off the To-Do Lizt for Today and Tomorrow:
  • pharmacy run for prescriptions
  • laundry
  • grocery shopping
  • buy car books/toys
  • buy Karin's birthday present
  • wrap Karin's birthday presents
  • get 4th of July party decorations down from attic
  • put other shit up in attic that has been sitting in hallway for week
  • vacuum, dust, pick up house, not necessarily in that order
  • make deviled eggs for party tomorrow
  • make rice krispie treats for party tomorrow
  • print out puzzles/mazes/road bingo cards for car trip
  • take Martin's sunflower to neighbor for watering
  • put "ingen reklam" sticker on mailbox
  • help set up, attend and clean up annual AWC 4th of July party
  • pack toy backpacks for kids
  • get suitcases down
  • PACK
  • empty refrigerator
  • empty garbage
  • set timers on lights
mood: productive
music: Anders watching A Fish Called Wanda on TV

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

I LOVE that userpic!! Happy 4th to you, too :)

Your list is getting short!

I think it's fun to think about your party with deviled eggs.

I like planning for events...

This reminds me of the Trygg-Hansa commercial (I think it was Trygg-Hansa) where the family puts all of their electronics on a timer, including their stereo at full-blast...and then they go on vacation and totally piss of the neighbors!

Make sure your stereo is set down kind of low. Just in case.

Happy vacation!

LOL! We just do lights :)

My SIL would never change her vacuumcleaner bag. It would be as heavy as a block of cement. I'm a bit anal about changing them, maybe too often. Ha ha!

Ummmm..deviled eggs are good for the soul!

I love crossing things off lists. you go!

Hello, kitty! :D


That's quite a list! Have fun at the party! ~Marilyn

P.S. You just reminded me...I haven't even LOOKED at the canister on our vacuum since we bought it...probably time to empty it...oops!

We had the same thing hapen with a cannister vac- including the cleanup with another vacuum!

Good lord, what a list. Hope you're feeling a SERIOUS sense of accomplishment!

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