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The view from my brother's balcony
mood: tired
music: fans whirring


Welcome home!

Mountains! *Does a Happy Dance Welcome home!

Glad to see you back! That view is gorgeous.

Wow, what a fabulous view!

Welcome home! :)

Missed you! What a gorgeous mountain :o) that is just a dream.

Welcome back! Missed you. Gorgeous view.

Welcome back! You've been missed.

Beautiful photo.

I'd find that view VERY hard to leave. Mountains make my heart soar. But boy oh boy have you ever been missed! You are the inspiration for a whole raft of commenters who go looking to see that ONE comment and end up leaving their own. Hope you feel refreshed, rejuvenated and relaxed. Welcome home.

I need mountain fixes pretty frequently myself, and rarely get them nowadays living in fairly flat southern Sweden. Luckily, Bavaria packs such a punch mountain-wise that I'll be good until May when John gets married and we head down again :)

All the way to MAY??? I'd curl up and DIE.

LOL! Well, we take what we can get :)


woohoooooo! you're back! You're safe! You're tired and envying your brother's mountains. All is once again right with the blogosphere!!!

Missed you BIG like a mountain view!
xo Wee

Oh, I so want to visit those mountains ... again. Welcome back! You've really been missed. Livejournal is not the same without you.

Nice view

I never get tired of that view from our balcony, but you really need to see the view from on top of that peak. (Sauling 2048 meters) from the Austria side it is an easy 5 hour round trip up and down, with time for a beer at the local Hutte (the restaurant that is just below the peak.) This is the mountain that looms above Mad Ludwigs famous Neuschwanstein Castle.


Re: Nice view

I should have continued the panorama around to the right, don't know why I didn't. Miss you!!!

Is your vacation over already?!?! Where did the time go? I guess it feels like it flew by faster to you than it does to me but I thought you had one more week away still. Glad to have you back but sorry your vacation is over.

Oh no, it's not over :) I have 2 more weeks left. Just our away-part is over. :) Anders is off for a week, then works for a week, then off again for a week, so the kids have 3 more.


W.O.W. Dramatic. ~Marilyn

WOW. Just...WOW. Talk about landscapes that are good for the soul...

I'm (very selfishly) delighted that you're back. I hope you had a Wonderful time, and are feeling nicely refreshed from the change of scenery.

(Now put that suitcase down and start writing us some entries! *g*)

Yes, ma'am!

Man, that's a view!!

And that's only half of it! I don't know why I didn't take the right side.

That's pretty. I don't suppose that your dream vacation is to fly to Denver, and ski in the mountains?

(I've got some mountain pictures to post later this week.)

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