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Take the following and mix well:
14 Spiderman plates and cups
14 meatball-and-hotdog shishkebabs
1 giant bowl of buttered noodles
3.5 large pitchers of strawberry juice
1 giant container of vanilla ice cream mixed with whipped cream and meringues (add chocolate and sugar sprinkles and chocolate sauce as desired)
1 gigantic rented moonbounce!
14 children
13 non-girly presents with the wrapping paper frantically ripped off and tossed aside
1 superhero treasure hunt
14 bags of candy
2 parents trying to be everywhere at once

What the heck is it?? (we kept it a surprise. Also, Mom! Look!! THE DRESS!!)

*collective wooooowwwwww of awe*

Group shot! Say OMELET!*

Result: a very happy birthday party for Miss Karin Linnéa Ek, age 6!

OMELEEEEEEEET! (note the missing tooth :)

Big Bouncy Bouncy BOUNCY Birthday Wishes to sithhappens!

*In Sweden, that's what people say instead of "say cheese!" to get a smile when taking photographs. As you can see, it has mixed results.
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Omelet ?? LOL! I always have placeholders on my friendslist so I have to click the link to see the pic, I was confused, I thought is she suddenly cooking? What a fantastic party. The moment those big jumping pillows came I was already too old but I always dreamt of jumping on one. I am still a little girl inside, so much fun!

You would have loved this one! It was big enough for adults to bounce, too! Too much twisty pressure on my bad foot, but Anders was in it for quite awhile with the kids. :) Love that new userpic, so cute!

and "raise" you a castle....

Say Bananas!

Another castle, kids party thingy.

Re: and "raise" you a castle....

what a hoot!

Wow- what a great party! Way to go Karin- 6 years and still driving mom crazy!

lol! did you threaten some of the kids to get them to sit still for the group photo? (looks like it!) :-)

Duct tape might have been mentioned. :P

What brave parents :)

A Very Happy Birthday Karen.

Well Happy Birthday Miss Karin!

I want one of those in my bedroom!


looks like everyone had fun;-)

Sweet!!!! What a fun party!


A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Miss Karin! Looks like it was fun! ~Marilyn

For some reason, I find the word "HOPPOLEK" on the top, very funny. It looks like a perfect party for Karin. Congratulations on surviving it!

What a lucky girl!!!!!

Oh that party looks like a total dream for a 6-year old-- she has one fantastic set of parents, for sure. That last pic of her has me cracking up-- what a character!

And, I never knew her middle name-- so lovely! ~bluepoppy

Re: What a lucky girl!!!!!

It's as Swedish as you get ;) Martin's middle name is Wallace, for my maternal grandfather, so Anders got to pick for kid #2, and when we found out she was going to be a girl, he thought Linnea would be perfect. He was right, even though a pretty pink flower is not at all our Karin! :)

this just made my day. thanks!!!!


Wow! She finally wore the dress!! Was it her choice? Although I notice that it was changed for something more appropiate for bouncing! :)
Happy Birthday Karin!! Love Grandma

It wasn't her choice, no, but she put up very little resistance, and I did say "ONE DAY" quite firmly. :) She just had a sweatshirt on over it later, because it was so darn chilly.

I LOVE Karin's middle name.

I'm giggling just looking at them all giggling. That final photo is priceless. ;-)

Hey Liz. Thanks for the birthday greetings, even if it has taken me this long to look through my friends posts.

Does Karin have her birthday on the same day as mine? In any case, wish her a belated happy birthday for me.

Her actual birthday was July 13, but we were traveling, so her party was delayed until our return.

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