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Picturesque Giethoorn

Newfangled windmills

Monkeys on the loose at Apenheul!

Scenic and peaceful Amersfoort

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It looks so beautiful there! I want to go.

It really is a lovely country :)

aaaaaaaaaaaah ja!! nederlands! ik hou van nederlands(I am sure I messed that up).

What lovely pics. Geithoorn especially looks so inviting.

Great pictures! I love the walk sign.

I am so touched, I love seeing pictures of my own country up here. Giethoorn especially is one of my favorite places.

I wish I had taken MORE! :)

gorgeous vacation pictures!
i've never been to apenheul, but i've been to burger's zoo in arnheim - another great place to take kids.

ooh! thanks for the link! :)

I can certainly see why you love Holland!

But the wonderful wooden windmills--oh, no! Replaced!

Sadly, they've been gone for a really long time, except as symbols and landmarks, for the most part. You can certainly still find the old ones, especially in Holland, but those new ones are EVERYWHERE.

It's fun to see pics of my own country and such enthusiasme :)

Same windmills they have in southern California now

CuTe monkeys. Were you allowed to keep them?

And is the ubiquitous fry really the national symbol of Holland???

But nice, very nice. Looks like a great holiday.

No, but that's okay. Monkeys have fleas and they're up all night. :P

LOL! No, it's not, but they were ubiquitious! Yummm...pommes frites with mayo!

So gorgeous - I can't get enough! And please tell Karin a late happy birthday from her biggest fan in Mississippi - the jumpy castle ROCKED!! (And her cute tie dyed dress as well.)

so pretty and cute! and thats the coolest stop and go light ive seen ;)

Those pictures make me want to vist Holland.

You definitely should! It has a lot to offer :)

Your heart belongs where?

Well, if thats where your heart belongs, then why bother visiting your lovely brother and Simone in Germany??? and where are those pics???
You want another book recommendation? or what!

I´m calling Sarah.


Re: Your heart belongs where?

First things first, and Holland had my heart before we even moved to Germany. Plus, you're adopted. Pics are COMING, geez. And I thought I was impatient! Where are yours?? You were going to send me pics, remember???


o, Liz. so lovely. Holland looks like a fairytale, particularly Amersfoort. ARGH! I curse you for once again igniting my wanderlust!!! :D
xo Wee

Get thee out and wander! :)

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