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Picturesque Giethoorn

Newfangled windmills

Monkeys on the loose at Apenheul!

Scenic and peaceful Amersfoort

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Wow- I want to go there... hmm I just renewed my passport.... BTW- kids- cuter than ever!

Ha! Not if you could have seen them in the car between Holland and Germany!!

so much goodness!!!

Not only do you have anew design (which I love) the photos from Holland carry me away!!!!

Oh, how DO you do it?!! ~bluepoppy

Re: so much goodness!!!

still on vacation, oh fabulous and drowsy one :) Miss you!!

See, I like picture posts.
I'm glad the picture of the walking lady came out.

Yeah, for promoting Amersfoort. :)

The one of you and I came out nice, too, but I didn't want to post it without your permission :)

Post away...then I can copy it for my own files. :)

So tell us again why you came back?

Absolutely enchanting -- and I love the ape sculpture shot. ;-)

Ran out of money :P

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