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Picturesque Giethoorn

Newfangled windmills

Monkeys on the loose at Apenheul!

Scenic and peaceful Amersfoort

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I can certainly see why you love Holland!

But the wonderful wooden windmills--oh, no! Replaced!

Sadly, they've been gone for a really long time, except as symbols and landmarks, for the most part. You can certainly still find the old ones, especially in Holland, but those new ones are EVERYWHERE.

They use those uglybugly new ones to get power from the wind.. while the old ones were more used to pump water, or to grain and all. I am glad there are not many of the new ones around where I life, and there still are quite a bunch original old ones around phew. :)

I like the modern ones, especially in places like Flevoland. They add a surreal quality to the the ultra-flat landscape.

I agree, actually. They grow on you after awhile. :)

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