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Alright, already same_sky, here you go. I don't usually do stuff like this, but you got me thinking...

10 Things I've Learned:
  1. everybody is somebody else's weirdo

  2. everything is better in moderation, including moderation

  3. nothing can make water better

  4. if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all

  5. the fruit doesn't fall very far from the tree

  6. it doesn't come to stay, it comes to PASS

  7. nothing is sacred and everything is opinion, including this

  8. what goes around comes around

  9. rudolf the red-nosed reindeer unsticks any earworm and doesn't stick itself

  10. in a women's club, the same 15 people will do everything even if there are over 100 members
In other news, we've got a President for our club! I'm so relieved. We go through this every year, but this is the closest it's ever been. The woman who has come forward is also going through a tough time right now, and has a lot on her plate (who doesn't?), but she was excited about doing it, and I'm thrilled. :)

Lots to do, gotta go *zooms off*
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So who is it?

Emily Hansson! :) I know, I know...she's got a major trouble going on, but she claims she needs other things to keep her life normal.

Yay! Wisdom! I really did enjoy reading your list, but I was doing something when I saw you post. I particularly liked #6. :)

totte is gonna be so annoyed, though.. his partial list actually includes your #2, right down to the "including moderation" bit. Phrased differently, of course. Still, pretty neat that you thought alike!

(Btw, I wrote this just after I replied to the comment in my journal, but my connection went out then so will try after lunch. I'm not THAT flaky!)

haha! serves him right, he should have been on the ball :)

These are great! :) I love number 10. I don't get number 9 though...maybe I'm just being blonde..?

Do you mind if I add you as a friend? I'm a friend of same_sky's .... no offence if you don't want more 'friends' :)

I have to apologize! I was just going through my old journal entries, looking for something and saw this note. (I don't have them set up to come as email so if it's older than a couple of days, I won't see it.) Of course I don't mind if you add me, and I'd like to add you back :) I think you're on Amerikanska too, aren't you? #9 is for when songs get stuck in your head. To unstick them, sing rudolf. It unsticks anything and it doesn't replace the one that got stuck in the first place. A song that gets stuck in your head is called an earworm, it's from German, I believe :)

Hi Lizardek :) Thanks so much - don't worry, I wasn't offended, I just thought perhaps you had too many or didn't see it. I only recently added comments as emails so I completely understand. Thanks for explaining the earworm, that does make sense now :) Thanks again, I'll add you now and yes, you're definitely welcome to add me although I can't promise gripping entries and they're a tad tragic at the moment :)

And yes, I am kea on Amerik :)

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