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When I saw the poster icon (ducky) I thought the post was from suchanadorer. But I recognized your (incredibly) cute kids. And had a moment in which my head started spinning in circles in confusion.

By the way, have I mentioned that I hope you and kids come to the picnic on the 30th? I'll take lots of photos of the three of you and of the two of them and, ummmm, give you all a ride on my back...

LOL! No photos of me, please :) I'm not quite sure about the logistics of this potluck...are we all bringing potato salads for Bjorn? :P

Just had to let you know I think you have the sweetest pair of kids ever.

aw, thanks :) They have their moments.

Oh children under glass. How delightful, how cosmopolitan. This could be a whole new trend in dining. Can I have another serve, with some orange sauce. Please. ;)

(and now I am going to hear echoes of Harry Secombe's voice in my head all morning..."YOU WANT SOME MORE!!!")

That creates mommy hormones even in a childfree woman like me :o)

It makes ME want to whip out the glass cleaner! :O

I like that picture. Yet, don't you hate it when the flash accidently goes off and ruins some of your best pictures? Especially if it is a once-in-a-lifetime shot? (Not saying that this was a one-time shot, though.)

*laugh* It was so funny when I opened it in Paintshop and saw how fingerprinted-up and filthy that window actually was! :D

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