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I just can't do it.

I can't sit still.

Well, okay, I can, but not for long. And I can't not be doing anything. (can't not be not doing anything?) I have to be doing stuff. This is why I like work so much, because it lets me do something all the time and then the not doing anything is okay. But 2 weeks of not doing anything? Not doing it. (haaa)

I don't know whether to be glad that I'm getting all these little projects done that I normally never have time for, or disgusted with myself that I can't just relax and lie around the house in slothful slothiness for more than, like, 1 day.

Even the giant brick of Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell isn't keeping me still for long. I keep putting it down to empty, clean and organize things. It's a sickness, I tell ya!

Big, Bright & Beautiful Birthday Wishes to lotta!
mood: confused
music: Kylie Minogue—Spinning Around


This calls for a heaping helping of forced relaxation!

No, no. No fored relaxation, just relocation! Come to my house! I have no end of things you can busy yourself with when you're done with your own home improvements.

on slothfulness

Ah but you are relaxing, doing those projects without sticking them between work times.
Yesterday I planned a "me" day. A day where I didn't have to work on my constant to do list. What did I do? Yard work and other things on my to do list, only the pressure was off because I didn't HAVE to to them. The expectations were gone. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
I however can be very slothful at times, but those times are more often in winter with a book or in summer on a hot beach. In fact I'm an expert at slothfulness, but even an expert can be slothful only so long!

hee. i see what you mean.

if it helps, you can wash my car :D

I have a similar difficulty. For example, my daughter read then entire latest Harry Potter book in one sitting, whereas I, even when at the best parts, would think of a zillion things I needed to or wanted to ALSO be doing, so I'd leap up. It took me three days longer to read it than for her.

My family calls me Flea, as in "flea on a hot rock."

bwahahah! Flea! that's hilarious :)

As a professional sloth, I can tell you, I think your way is better. My mom is busy all the time too, and frankly I think it helps keep you young, and contributes to a longer life. I mean you can't die when there's still so many things left on your "to do" list, right?!

oooh, good point! Excellent point!

im such a slacker and i really admire your ability to work, work, work. linus is also a work-horse. he's *always* moving..working on some project or another. me? give me some nachos, guacamole and some crappy tv and im set ;)


I am so-oo-o jealous ... you have no idea!

(i> ... of course there is this little 'depression thing' that is sucking all motivation from me ... </i>

:P on the tag error ... lol

Jealous of my inability to sit still or the fact that I'm on vacation?? Hugs!! Hope the depression is on the ending phase instead of the beginning.

oh, you busy bee. Would you believe I never finished Jonathan Strange? I am such a bad book child. Did you get the new Harry Potter, or are you into that? I can't remember. I am reading No. 5 right now because I read it too fast when it came and can't recall a single thing that happened. The new one is sitting on the nightstand.

Anyway, it is good that you can accomplish somethings without having to squnch betwixt work. And you will relax in your newly clutter-free home!

I'm wishing it would move a little faster plot-wise, that's for sure. I'm not very into HP. I thought 1 and 2 were okay, but really disliked 3 and 4 has been sitting on my new-book shelf for 2 years. Don't know when I'll get around to it at this point...someday I'll get it read. :)

thanks for the bday wishes!

Ug. I am being a man. Male of species rarely suffer this problem. We know sloth, we invent sloth; we inhabit sloth. From when we cavemen.

If it is being day of not working, then is day of not working. Ug.


even if being day of working, try and make day of not working...Ug. Ug.

I read about a study once done by a University in the States that proved men lose brain cells twice as fast as women. The men's response? "Who care? Not need brain."


it IS a sickness

but the kind of infection we should all have! *smile*

I just bought that brick this week! My husband was suitably impressed. ;)

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