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My MOTHER is giving me shit about the lack of substantial updates in my journal lately.

Boys, girls, pens, pencils...what's wrong with this picture??



Although, considering what happened the last time I managed to persuade a family member to start their own LJ, I guess we'll just let sleeping blogs lie.

I organized the couple-of-year's worth of photos that had accumulated in the study yesterday and put them into 2 photo albums. I realized, while I was sorting them, that most of them had come from other people's cameras: my mom's, my brother's, various friends, Anders' parents. Since we got the digital camera, we NEVER have printed versions of our photos. Everything is on the computer or burned onto CD. I think it's a drag, in a way, since I enjoy looking back through photo albums, but since I already have over 20 of the big books overflowing on 2 shelves, maybe it's not so bad. We keep meaning to send some of the digital photos to print, but we never get around to it. We are photo slackers in that regard, even though we make up for it with the sheer quantity we archive electronically.

Karin asked me at dinner tonight what I was like as a child, and I went blank. "Umm...," I said, "Call your grandma." THERE'S a good reason for Mom to start a journal! For the sake of the grandchildren!

I was shy with strangers, and bossy with my friends. When reading, which I did a great deal of the time, it was really hard to get my attention and usually took several tries. I liked to draw and paint and sing and play make-believe. Much like now. :P

So much of what makes up what I think of as the essential ME is internal. I'm thinner in my head than I am in real life. I'm more exuberant and daring. I have much stronger opinions than I tend to let on. There's so much more ME in here, you have no idea. It's a learning experience: How to dish ME out in blog-sized servings, creating a tasty feast which serves to whet but not satiate, to keep you coming back for more, and keep ME not only interesting, but interested. Avoiding staleness on both sides, for you and for ME.


Sitting in the slowly collapsing Poang chair, I stare at the rack of mixed cassettes on the wall. There are over 100 of them, the rack is full and there are some stacked neatly on the top edge. Once, making mixes was a transcendental art, a careful blending of the perfect songs, the perfect bands, the perfect sound or mood. I take one, put it in the car and play it over and over for months, those 10 minutes to and from work, an evening drive to town now and then. I put so much thought and care into making them, and into making the covers for them as well. Now they sit silent on the wall, a musical collage, a dusty and dated memorial.

Stolen by Killer/Too Rowdy For Liz
Marshmellow Tunes
Dandelion Break
With Traffic Noises in the Back
Shall We Begin?
Quiet Noises in Loud Places
Pick It Up...I'll Go Alone

Just looking at the titles evokes other times and places, that younger me. 2 transport me to the bagel deli, rocking out with hairnets while we slapped cream cheese on egg bagels, with canadian bacon, provolone cheese and sprouts: a Yellow Submarine. 1 lands me in the middle of a road trip: stereo blasting, windows rolled down, doing aeropalmics by the side-view mirror, cupping memories in my hand with the wind. Several send me spinning to the dorm room down the hall, sitting in the windowsill, daydreaming while Killer and Jooje argue in the background. I stopped making mixed tapes, for the most part, after I married, so most of them raise ghosts from MSU or the good old days in Chicago. Rake-n-Rail! There's that inner ME again, jamming inside to music in my head.

Really Great Writing Out There Right Now: Portrait

Bouncing Bubbly Birthday Wishes to kimbis!
mood: mellow
music: OMD—Electricity


So much of what makes up what I think of as the essential ME is internal. I'm thinner in my head than I am in real life. I'm more exuberant and daring. I have much stronger opinions than I tend to let on. There's so much more ME in here, you have no idea.

Smartly said, as usual. I think the same thoughts, only you express yours far better.

Liz, I realize I only see the very tip of YOU. I can tell the YOU inside runs deep. That's one of your qualities which draws me to you. That and you let me rant, sounding all loony without calling the white coats with the their white jackets on me.

I love reading your all the recommendations. There really is some great writing out there.....YOU!!!


Well....good thing I gve you "shit"! This is more like it!!! And I'm sure all your Blogging friends will agree and also enjoy the reading! Thanks. And I,too - look at all those tapes when I'm visiting and wonder what's on them. I've always enjoyed the cover artwork and love the expressive! DO you even have a machine to play them on anymore?
My current auto lacks a cassette player and I'm bummed about that- I would so like to listen to the tapes of your singing while I'm driving. Weeell...there's an idea for a gift, can you make cd's at home? I do so need an updated version of your song.
Isn't it great that the little you is still the same? Karin would appreciate that.
Love, Lizardmom

Yep, I still have my American stereo, which has to run on a transformer, but which has the only cassette player in the house. I can't copy my songs onto a CD unless I get one of those machines that allow you to copy from a tape to the computer...hint hint :D

Or you could do it the cheap way. Buy a cord from ONOFF, Clas Ohlson, etc, that connects from the headphone jack on your cassette player and the mic jack on your computer That usually works. Shouldn't cost more than 70-100kr depending on how long it is.

Before I forget, both ends are plain black. Shouldn't be that hard to miss. I think you can even find it in Coop Forum or ICA maxi in the same place as the film.

Really?! wow! thank you :) I'll keep this in mind, as I have a LOT of mixed tapes I wouldn't mind transfering to the PC

Not a problem. You do need some way of recording it (even Sound Recorder in Windows is good.)

What's even better is that cord works the other way as well, if you ever had a need to record to a cassette tape.

Thank you!

I was the same way as a kid. ha ha!

In my mind's eye I am perpetually 18 and beautiful. Life is so much nicer living with that illusion.

My mother had a stack of old '78's that I used to stick on my record player (remember those?) and laugh at how antiquated and horrible they sounded compared to my 45's and LP 33 records. In my teens I accumulated a stack of 8-tracks in keeping with the latest technology. When tapes came out they were so cool because if you had a dual tape-recorder you could copy them. We now have a whole room-full of CDs and DVDs. I wonder how long before they seem ridiculous?

At the rate technology is evolving these days, not long :) I still have a stack of 45s and a big collection of LPs...but no turntable. Talk about clutter!

you manage to say everything in such an eloquent way! i remember spending hours upon hours making those tapes, the cover had to maintain the theme and the titles said it all. i do not know whatever happened to mine. i miss them.
i love reading your entries, thanks.

There's so much more ME in here, you have no idea. It's a learning experience: How to dish ME out in blog-sized servings

Indeed the constant topical issue. More importantly could we handle a 100% proof "you"?

Keep on journaling - and your other family member seems to have a way with words as well....

I can barely handle a 100% proof ME!

Way with words...

Thanks for the comment, while I dont post anymore, it is nice to see someone went and read what I did start.

Liz got me to start the journal mostly to show off my photos and to write about them, but unfortunately I ran into problems with Webshots (where they are stored and compatability issues with LJ.)

She is now trying to convince me on Flicker or a paid LJ account....
Maybe someday Ill write again.

LizardBro - Johann_Metzger

I love how you've described your inner you :) I love it how blogs also bring out 'inner yous'...


DANG, Mom's a slavedriver! :) Frankly, I don't know how you come up with so many eloquent posts so regularly. You gotta love a Mom who uses "shit" in her comment though. Here's one way to get back at her...make the next post about HER. I'd love to hear more about her airy-fairy adventures, since I have an airy-fairy Mom of my own. :) ~Marilyn

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