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We are officially pet owners again! No photos since I'm sensible of a certain someone's fish phobia, although I can't promise her they won't pop up in a future post. Forewarned is forearmed! We got neon tetras, and some other kind of tetras (rosy with black & white accents) and some silver danios and some orange and black barbs and an algae-eater who promptly died overnight (no algae! oops) and today we added a beautiful blue and red betta. I have no idea if I have the names or species right on any of these except the neons and the betta, but it's not like you would know the difference.

Today was nice, as I slept in a bit, fed the kids, and then ditched them with Anders at his office while I went into town and had my hair done, and let me just say that Barky is looking VERY stylish at the moment: short, bouncy and sassy, like a good poodle should. Then I met up with Debbie and Angie and we went to the bookstore where I bought FIVE books *happy dance* and then we went to a restaurant that I sort of knew existed but had never considered eating at before, because it looks like a bus station, but the weather warmed up so we ate outside and it was lovely and the food was great and I haven't seen Debbie in a year (she's just back from a year home in Canada) so we all talked nonstop, kind of like this sentence.

Then we went to see Batman Begins, which was pretty good except for when you couldn't figure out who was fighting who in any of the action sequences, because, whoa, cut much?, and Katie dumped Christian Bale because despite the pecs, he's no Tom Cruise, apparently. But there were so many great actors moonlighting in this film, it was fun to watch them do what they do best. Then, because we bumped into TWO more friends at the movie theater (separately! Malmö is SO SMALL) we went out for coffee with them afterwards, and then I came home and bluepoppy had fallen for my blandishments acquiesced gracefully to my pleading and posted, and then I talked to my sister whom I've been playing phone tag with ALL WEEK and got all caught up, so all in all, 2 thumbs up for my day!
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Sounds like a great day! And I appreciate the no fish pictures. I am such a freak, I know. If I see a picture that I suspect is going to be a fish picture I'll just scroll past it really fast. If you post fish pictures every day with no warning, though, I'll have do de-friend you. I don't see you as the daily fish posting picture type so I'm sure it will all be good.

I promise to try and remember to put them behind a cut if I do post them, just for you :) Am I a good friend or what??

Sounds lovely, but beware of the betta. They are known to eat most smaller fish. My friend put her betta in her aquarium and it ate eight out of ten other fish before she caught on what was happening to them. The aquarium store told her that bettas need to be kept separated from other fish. Perhaps they keep some fish alone, but perhaps you should inquire before your fish start disappearing. Eeek!

Yah, I know about the bettas and their murderous tendencies, but this one is still quite small so I figure it'll be a little while before he starts treating the tetras like his own personal sushi bar. :D Plus, I have no real attachment to fish, and they all die so damn fast anyway. Heartless, I am! He's hiding in the corner for the moment besides.

I was just going to say, but was beaten to it, betas eat lots of other fish, you know. They're supposed to be in isolation, I believe.

They don't have to be in isolation, just not with other (male) bettas. We've had them before, and they usually do okay. It's the little neon tetras that get eaten like popcorn, so we'll watch out for that.

Don'tcha just love these gorgeous summer daze? Sounds like a fun one.

Go Barky!! I love that you've named your hair :)

And I loved Batman Begins, surprisingly.

that algae eater must have been sick. it couldn't have died that fast from starving.

Unless it was already starving or just had had too many shocks to its system in a short time.

Tiger barbs? They like to live in schools and can be quite the bulliers so keep an eye on them.

If you get another algae eater that is a Pleco, put a little piece of driftwood in there. They love it.

Some of the neons might die so be prepared. They are often overbred which makes them susceptible to genetic problems (this is the case for many of the more popular fish).

I don't think they are tiger barbs, I tried not to get any aggressive fish. Everything, as far as I can remember, was a sister thought they sounded like barbs, too. So far, they are not schooling so much and are the least bullying of the fish in the tank. I know neons die like flies (ha!) but they're so pretty I still have to get them. I don't get very attached to fish, so that's a good thing :) We have a big piece of driftwood already, so our future algae-eaters should be happy :)

"Barky is looking VERY stylish at the moment: short, bouncy and sassy, like a good poodle should."



Say Hello to Debbie for me, Eh?
Tell her I missed her at Book group, Eh?
Nice to know she came back, Eh?

You Hoser.


congrats on the pet ownership. wishing you the best in fish luck.
no pics of the stylish new barky?

Fish. Swimming.

Well Indeed...and did Barky errr....~cough~ "pick-up" whilst being in such stunningly poodlistic form?

The Batman movie didn't seem to bad, thought it was good actually....but Katie Holmes was so lacking in presence....

I agree. She's just a puppy, and the guy who played Dr. Crane was too, although he WAS very creepy.

When I used to have aquarium, the absolutely most long lasting fish was the golden barb (Barbus "schuberti"). All other fish would eventually die until there only was one of those barbs left. About then I had grewn tired of it and .. *cough* deported it to fish heaven.

Bettas may be tough, but in our acquarium we once added a cichlid (Cichlasoma nigrofasciatum). It was a bad decision, as it began nibbling on the other fish fins. It did not go as far as eating its roommates though.

I still own the Swedish translation of "Geschlechtsunterschiede der Aquarienfische" by Rudolf Zukal and Stanislav Frank 1979. By illustrations, text and some colour pictures it tells the gender differences for each kind of fish, in case one is curious or trying to breed. Tell me if there is anything you need to know! :-)

I should have written down the breeds when we bought them, but was in a hurry, and didn't do it. I tried looking them up today on the internet (the ones I'm not sure of) and only figured out that our silver ones are probably NOT danios and the golden ones are NOT barbs. I'm pretty sure I remember the guy at the store saying everything we had gotten was some type of tetra, but I'm not having any luck matching up with the pics I can find on the internet. No biggie, though :) We had gouramis before we left Chicago, and I'll never get them again. They're pretty, but MAN, are they destructive and aggressive, and um, reproductive.


Whew. Your vacation is way more fun than mine. :) ~Marilyn

Now THAT is a good day. ;-)

That is EXACTLY what I thought about that movie. Maybe it would be better if I was little more ADD.

Christian Bale just doesn't do it for me like Michael Keaton did, though :) And every time Liam Neeson said anything profound, I leaned over and finished his sentence in my friend Angie's ear with "...young padawan." Which? Cracked my shit up!

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