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With songs they have sung for a thousand years!

Anders feels the need, the need for speed!

Ghosts of castles past


Bavaria Photo Album: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3

Completely Cracking Me Up With the Cuteness: Captain Vegetable
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Envy envy envy!

*scampers off to bask in more pretty photos of Bavaria*


(You can tell that the kids had a terrible time. Yup, just horrible, look at those tortured expres-- er. Um. Oh. Nevermind...)


Really lovely land, that.

Your family always goes, does, and has the most fun adventures. I want to be part of your family......LOL!

Come on over!! :)

Your Anders is a brave man. When I was around 10 years old, I rode a water slide which looked like that one. Fortunately a helmet was required, but nevertheless my parents found me unconscious, IIRC with a wound in the head (the helmet had fallen off). I don't know how long it took until I woke up, but from there I almost never rode a water slide or similar again. Brr.

Good grief!! You can't go on this one by yourself unless you're over a certain age...I suspect you would just fly right off of it. How totally scary for your parents (and you)!!

Looks like a great holiday...

...the ghosts of castles past is a really "neat" shot to, has a certain (insert French expression here) and a certain air to it.

I wonder how long it took to inflate that castle, and were adults allowed to bounce on it as well as children ;)

I don't know, but it's been DEFLATING for a very, very long time :)


Great photos -Liz! It runs in the family- at least in your generation! I'm looking forward to being there again in October! - and to your place too! Love, Lizardmom

thanks for sharing!! those were great :)

checks your pics.....
"oh jailing of children on holidays must be popular....but some are to strong to be kept in!!!!"

kind of SNAP!


i ADORE Bavaria. looks like you had a lovely time :)

Except for the rain, it was great :)


Hooray for germany photos!
Except I wanna know where is that waterslide? I definately wasnt a part of that day....Holland maybe?

thanks for finally getting those pics up, maybe it inspires me to get my corsica and germany photos up as well....

Happy birthday to the best mom ever!!!Johann_metzgerMOM....
new userid???for Lizardmom???

Re: Hooray!

It was at Hansapark, in Lübeck :) Get your photos up now, no more excuses!! Maybe she should be "slaughtermom" >:D

That jailbird looks pretty desperate! Those roller parks are a blast! They have one up in Rättvik about 45 minutes from us. Great photos!

Oh how fun! I've seen a picture of this slide before, many years ago when there were flowers on the hillside in looks incredible! I need to go look at your album, cheers! :)

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