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I am a big idiot.

I talked to my mom yesterday, in fact, we SANG to my mom yesterday, but when I was finally getting around to posting in my journal, because I was just thinking about the Bavaria photos, I forgot to mention that it was HER BIRTHDAY!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (again) to Lizardmom, the Greatest Mom on Earth!

I love you, Mom!

Really Great Not So Great Writing Out There Right Now: "The night resembled nothing so much as the nose of a giant Labrador in excellent health: cold, black, and wet."
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Lovely link. I don't know which I cared for more, the mention of tuna tea or poultry for transport. Both are higher on my list than the winning entry, but what do I know about dubiously great writing?

Happy Birthday Lizardmom!

Yeah, so, Lizardmom...I was looking at those beautiful Bavarian pictures Liz posted and I was thinking, Hey! These are lovely photos and all but HEY! What about Lizardmom's BIRTHDAY???!!

Yeah. No, really!

Re: Happy Birthday Lizardmom!

Oh sure, Geena, pile on the guilt, why don'cha? :P

well the important thing was calling her... not letting all your LJ friends know so we could all wish her a Happy Birthday too.


Bonne Anniversaire!

Happy birthday Lizardmom!!! ~bluepoppy

Happy Birthday to You, Lizardmom! Thanks for raising such a kick ass daughter!! (Is it okay that I just said ass? I hope so. But she's really quite cool and I like her a whole lot. If I could have grown up with her, I would have SO come over and played and had sleepovers and stuff.)

Hope your day was GRAND!


Thanks to all of you for the birthday greetings. It has brought another smile to my day. The older generation in my family often celebrates birthdays for a week or so - although I am not ready to admit I might be arriving into that generation, I do have to admit that I have grandchildren - and blessed I am for 3 wonderful "kids" and 4 fantastic grandkids! Hugs to all! Love, Lizardmom

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