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I woke up to a ceaseless thrumming noise, and slowly realized that it was the downpour of rain against the house, against the wooden slats of the deck, against the earth. It rained all morning and the skies are still bloated and heavy with clouds and moisture. I feel the same. No sunny summer vacation for us this year, it seems. 1 day left and cloudy tomorrow, too, even though now, late in the evening, the clouds are leaving the blue behind and moving east. The sun is throwing out its orange-pink arms, reaching after them, but it's too late, he's headed the other way.

A dull day, a sad one, and tired.
mood: numb
music: Eva Cassidy—The Water is Wide



Non-sunny summer vacations suck in so many ways :(

*more hugs*

The last weekend of vacation sucks even if it's sunny.

I know exactly what you mean. The Swedish summer (or lack of it) has been a bad curse for us. The only time that it seems to be sunny and nice was when we were already away from it. A cloudy, rainy vacation always sucks. :(

*hugs and pickmeups*


Hope the sun comes out soon for you.

Sorry sweets. The blues are no fun.

(a) I like the icon.

(b) and the writing.

If only the Sun had originally pushed the clouds from the sky at dawn, rather than waiting till dusk to try and gather them up. Reminds me of getting the little people to clean their rooms.

oh god, don't remind me. How did you know it's cleaning day in the kid's department?

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