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What Makes Me Happy: The sun is shining today, and it's warm, but not too warm, with a light and ruffling breeze, and not humid, and the clouds sweep by without stopping, o joy!

What Makes Me Mad: Setting up the sun lounger on the deck, filling a tall glass with ice and juice, grabbing the book I'm nearly finished reading, settling myself to enjoy some time in the sun...and being chased indoors after 15 minutes by the hordes of flies that will NOT LEAVE ME ALONE. ARGH!!

What Makes Me Sad: Not being able to finish my very last project on my 2-week project list because I missed an edge while painting my art desk and now I have to wait another day for it to be dry enough to put together.

What Makes Me Glad: Having gotten the desk painted, the fish tank filled and set up and populated, the plants re-potted, the bookshelves pored over and purged, the computer room closets and drawers cleaned out and organized, finished 4 pages in my collage book, finished putting together the AWC website, and got the photos sorted and put into albums. Take that, to-do list! Thwack!

What Gives Me Mixed Feelings: Back to work tomorrow, sigh. Back to work tomorrow! YAY!
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What Makes Me Glad: An entry from Liz.

Can we do sushi sometime after I get back to work? That'd make me REALLY glad.

That would make me glad, too :) Absolutely! Give me some dates that work for you. I'm definitely having sushi before the first AWC meeting, on August 30th. Wanna join? :D

Yes ma'am I do want to join. Both for the sushi and (finally) AWC now that I'm working. It's in my calendar (see what I good Swede I'm becoming?)

That makes me double glad :)

May the patron saint of the first day back at work look kindly on you, and ensure your in-tray does not overload your work patience :)

Wow. You thwacked to-do list puts my growing to-do list to shame! ;-)

I hope we'll have a chance to see some of your collage online? I love looking at other people's work :)

I have the older pages all posted on my family webpage, and I'll post these as soon as I'm sure they're dry enough to scan :)

And that was my PROJECT to-do list, not my daily one :)


The flies? That used to happen to me with mosquitoes in the tropics. Horrid. Gorgeous photos from your trip. And even though you might not get to check off that one last item, sounds like it was a very productive vacation...for someone who was supposed to be relaxing! :) ~Marilyn (P.S. I go back to work on Wednesday...can hardly believe's been surreal to wait a month between hire date and start date.)

Up, down, all around: I love it.

You accomplished thing, you. I'm impressed!

Me, too! :D

You are so funny - happy to go back to work! Sometimes I get that way on Sunday nights, but really, perhaps having generous amounts of vacation time is the way to go - because then you're refreshed and ready to get back to work.

Woohoo - take that, to do list! You are the queen. This week my major to do is this massive amount of laundry and getting rid of some clothes and putting away the rest. It's been too long since I had a good purge!

Mary Frye's Poem

Hope you don't mind me popping over here to say hello and thank you for the info about the poem I left on Idahoswedes LJ. I thought the info on Mary Frye was very interesting and so neat that the poem has effected so many people in such a positive way. I am up really late, for me, so I guess I should turn in. Thanks again.

Re: Mary Frye's Poem

You're very welcome :)

Home for a day here and taking a few minutes to catch up on some of my friends pages from the last few days...
I love your lists... makes quick work of catching up~heehee
And the list headings are great! I may have to follow suit.

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