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What Makes Me Happy: The sun is shining today, and it's warm, but not too warm, with a light and ruffling breeze, and not humid, and the clouds sweep by without stopping, o joy!

What Makes Me Mad: Setting up the sun lounger on the deck, filling a tall glass with ice and juice, grabbing the book I'm nearly finished reading, settling myself to enjoy some time in the sun...and being chased indoors after 15 minutes by the hordes of flies that will NOT LEAVE ME ALONE. ARGH!!

What Makes Me Sad: Not being able to finish my very last project on my 2-week project list because I missed an edge while painting my art desk and now I have to wait another day for it to be dry enough to put together.

What Makes Me Glad: Having gotten the desk painted, the fish tank filled and set up and populated, the plants re-potted, the bookshelves pored over and purged, the computer room closets and drawers cleaned out and organized, finished 4 pages in my collage book, finished putting together the AWC website, and got the photos sorted and put into albums. Take that, to-do list! Thwack!

What Gives Me Mixed Feelings: Back to work tomorrow, sigh. Back to work tomorrow! YAY!
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