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Did you know that flies are not just attracted to warmth, but mostly to SOUND? They tend to follow sound vibrations to the source since it invariably means warmth or living bodies or food. This morning, some 20 of them followed it to their deaths, in the process aggravating me nearly beyond the bounds of endurance.

Since the weather was semi-decent yesterday the doors were open quite a bit with kids running back and forth and in and out, and despite the screens a lot of flies got into the house. I thought I had killed them all before we went to bed. Being the night before my first day back at work, I wanted to make sure I had a decent night's sleep (especially considering that I've been slowly turning my bio-rhythms upside down by staying up until 2 a.m.) so I went to bed around 11:30. Having rather a lot on my mind meant I wasn't completely successful and I tossed and turned a bit and woke up once or twice before finally settling down.

The first fly began dive-bombing us around a quarter to 5. Snoring, rhythmic breathing, the fact that we are beginning to unconsciously respond to the light by moving, all culprits responsible for bringing them in. Knowing if I didn't get up and kill the damn thing right away it would just keep buzzing us and I wouldn't be able to get back to sleep in time to make any difference, I gave up quickly on the thought of ignoring it for another 2 hours and got up to fetch the fly swatter and the dustbuster (aka fly abattoir), which were in the kitchen, necessitating more of a wake-up than I really wanted to chance, but there seemed no choice.

I killed the fly.

The noise attracted another one, who, only moments later, began buzzing our heads.

I killed the fly.

The noise attracted another one, who, only moments later, began buzzing our heads.

I killed the fly.

This went on, I kid you not, until 6:30 a.m., at which point I was nearly in tears, knowing that my alarm was going off in another 20 minutes and there really was no longer any chance of falling back asleep.

Work was busy, and it feels good to be back, although the 136 emails (Anders won with over 300 from his first day) took quite a bit of time to wade through. By the time I was driving home, however, I was feeling like a zombie and considered walking into the house with my arms held out before me, chanting br-a-a-a-i-n-s! Anders fixed dinner while I shuffled around for a little bit. We ate. I vaguely remember having some intention of lying down on the bed to read for a bit, when the next thing I knew it was 9:30 p.m. and Anders was shaking me asking if I was okay and didn't I want to get up and put pajamas on?

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*Title changed because kejn's comment made me laugh so hard.
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Poor you. Flies can be a real pest at night. This is why I sometimes result to sleeping with my underwear on my head pulled over my ears so I atleast don't hear them!


You poor thing! And I thought mosquitoes were bad! Hope you sleep like a big ol' log tonight. :) ~Marilyn

Not quite, but MUCH better, thank you :)

Why, you fly-swatter, you!

You need a froggie...

I need a LOT of froggies!

have better sleeping.

thank yew kindly, sir, I did :)

you have scary kamikaze revenge flies.... "you killed my brother, now i will kill you!" SWAT! "you killed my brother, now i will kill you!" SWAT! "you killed my brother..."

You just made me laugh so hard in the office that TWO colleagues came in to see what was going on.

what you doing, LJing at work? SWAT! ;-)

muahahaha! Everyone's on vacation.

and I am guessing the flies sleep with the fishes, or frogs....

Gads! Isn't it awful when the harder you try to sleep the longer you stay awake? Ever since the nightmare night in Idre where we camped in the land of a 10000 mosquitoes I hear imaginary ones buzzing around in my bedroom at home and automatically tense up to smack them dead. Not a good sleep inducer.

I know exactly what you mean. My skin tickles all over and I think they are on me, and it's just ME. argh!

136? Pfft! I have that every morning when I get to work. And then again, when I get home. Pish tosh, I say!

I have tons of horsefly and mosquito bites from mowing the lawn this weekend. It is these moments that make me want to go back to the hickdom of my youth and hear the ZZZZZzzztttt of a bug zapper. :)

a bug zapper would be nice, but don't they only work at night on moths and such?

And I know! 136 was NOTHING! Anders totally beat me. Well, I shouldn't say they were nothing, since most of them were major project work :)

My husband always clears his e-mail to the best of his ability when he's away from the office because he just can't bear to face hundreds of e-mails when he returns.

I don't have remote access and I refused to go in during my vacation so I knew I'd have a lot when I came back. But 136 is nothing. I get at least half that during a working day!

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