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Ta-dah! I finally finished putting together my new art table and everything looks so organized! I'm motivated just looking at it! Sometimes I wonder if I'm a bit TOO organized, and suspect that organization kills creativity in many subtle ways, but when it makes me so happy how can I not give in?

And 4 pages done in my collage book, so maybe organization doesn't kill it totally at least. :) The goldy bits on page 14 are metal leaf and I'm madly in love with it. The lovely lady on page 15 is by Steve Hanks and the poem snippet is by Yeats: How many loved your moments of glad grace, And loved your beauty with love false or true, But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you, And loved the sorrows of your changing face.

To see the collage book in its entirety (so far): > click on "Spotlight" > click on my face > click on the link to "Collage Art Project" > scroll the pages all the way to the right. Enjoy!

Really Great Writing Out There Right Now: Lance Gives Me a Canal House Part II, Part III (read Part I)

Light and Lovely Birthday Wishes to into_the_blue!
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Oh, what a lovely spot you have created for yourself! Your collage book is wonderful, so many different looks and techniques. Now I want to get all crafty here. *laugh*

Thanks you. Get crafty!

Your collage book looks so lovely! I'm inspired.

I love it. :) Thanks!

those are very amazing images you have created in your collage book. Have you ever thought about making one one a large canvas/board? so you can hang it on a wall.... I really like the colors and images you used.
Your art space looks lovely - like the fact you have 2 windows. My 'space' is my dining room table ; )

I just got into collage last year and thought I'd better start small. Partly because every inch of space that I can hand something on is already occupied and my husband has these weird ideas about clutter so I can't indulge my art-hanging tendencies to their full insanity scope. I had taken a look at altered books and after ranting about people ruining good books, I thought the best way to do it was to make my own. :)

The only thing I don't really like about my art space is that it's in the corner of our bedroom. I'd much rather have a real study, but our computer room is jampacked already and if it were in there the kids would be all over it all the time so I guess it's just as well. :)

You need a far bigger table Liz !! :o)

LOL! Well, it's a step in the right direction! :D At least all the stuff is off the surface so I can spread out a bit. There's nowhere else in the house I can put it, until the kids move out...some day... :D

what's that suspicious looking purple gadget under the table? :-)

Get your mind out of the gutter, kejn, it's a hot-air gun. No, really! >:D


Look at you, all organized and crafty! ~Marilyn

Love the crafty corner and love the collages even more!! Clever you :)

Great use of space.

And a glue gun. Of course it is. Really. WE ALL BELIEVE YOU.

WOW!!! Your collage work is so COOL! You are such an artist. You make very beautiful things. Where do you find all those cool figures and things for your work? Do you collect magazines or other paper publications? Do you save up pictures you like before you have a layout to use them in? Tell how you do this!

:) thanks! All of the above. I've been cutting and saving stuff from magazines and elsewhere since I was a kid. And I regularly print stuff off the internet that I like. And I have a sister that works at Michael's :) And crafty friends that like to swap stuff.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

LOL! No, I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it before on crafty_chicas. She's sent me LOADS of stuff, some of which I've used in the swaps or even given away...(I think that was while you were in the States though).

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Well, the postings have been far and few between on that one for a long, long time. We're all just too busy!

Looks GREAT, Liz. I love the collage book. So inspiring. Gah...should I go to work today, or stay home and paint? :)

you know what my answer is! :D

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Thanks, you. Coming from you that's a high compliment for me since I absolutely love your collage work. I just wish I had more time and "ork" to craft! It's one thing to do it during vacation, but during "real life" it tends to slide.


oooo... your collages are so lovely. I'm particularly besotted with the one that's second from the left in the second row down (got that?!) it looks a bit carson ellis too me and not much is better than being a bit carson ellis!!! Also love the first one of the four samples you posted at the bottom of the page!

So... tell me... how long does you crafty corner stay meticulous and organized? Do you cap the glue/your paints immediately, put away all your trimmings right after you use them, keep it all ship shape?! Or are you like me.... you spend hours trying to get organized and clear clutter and within 6 minutes of working, everything is everywhere, heaped all over, paints uncapped, brushes ruined, things stuck inadvertantly to your drawing table and usually the side of your face ... and stays like that, growing exponetially worse until your next cleaning fit.

Liz? Have I told you what a treasure you are?!!! Visting here always makes me feel happy... like I just swallowed a mouthful of ooey, gooey, super chocolaty brownie! xo Wee

Second row down?? Confused. You should be seeing one long scrollable set of pages. And I'm anal-retentive a stickler for tidiness, so I tend to clean up my messes after each craft attack. :)


er...but no. Your whole collage page (under the spotlight) does not appear to me as a long strip, but rather as a page. At least when viewed in Safari. Does that make sense? No... it doesn't. Oh well. The one I was talking about was the one with the angel flopped in the bottom right corner which reads in part "heaven longing ape/angel who stumbles/ blind light...uh.. beaver?!! Is it beaver? I can't quite make it out....

anyway... I love that one. love it. love you!!! xoxoxo Wee

It is beaver, actually :) I can't even picture in my head what you mean about how the collage book is appearing, although I'm a bit upset to hear it, since it sounds like it must look a bit of a mess and I was pretty happy with the layout. Stupid IE.

Can you send me a screenshot of what you're seeing, if you get a chance?

Um, yea you are way to organized, it's not natural. So, if you'd like you can give some to me, please. haha.

I remember spending afternoons listening to albums (the actual things on a turntable no less) and looking at your collages and purusing magazines looking for cool things to put in your collages or on the cover of our mixed tapes (which involved actual effort and not just 30 seconds at the computer downloading stuff), ah those were the days...

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