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How tired do you have to be in order to be diagnosed with chronic fatigue?

Cinnamon roll pop-tarts spread with butter and nuked in the microwave for 30 seconds are divine.

Some days I'd just rather be reading blogs.

This made me laugh out loud, though: What everyone should know about blog depression (thanks to cottontimer for the link!)

O Brother Where Art Thou? was on TV tonight and I actually sat down and watched nearly all of it. I really like this movie. And it's the first time I've ever considered George Clooney to be acting and not just being himself, like he usually does with that little self-deprecating head-duck.

Tax refunds come this week. I can't remember if we're getting one. *fingers crossed, thumbs held*

10 favorite songs: We Close Our Eyes—Oingo Boingo, Something About You—Level 42, Build Me Up Buttercup—The Foundations, Frank Mills—Hair the Musical, Crazy Game—Indigo Girls, It Must Be Love—Rickie Lee Jones, If I Had My Way—Peter, Paul & Mary, Baby the Rain Must Fall—Glenn Yarbrough, Uncertain Smile—The The, On the Street Where You Live—My Fair Lady*

The cryk in my neck is creeping back, after only 3 days at work. waah!

I love logic problems, the kind you find in the Puzzle/Crossword magazines but I invariably get stumped halfway through and give up after staring blankly for some time at the little x's and o's. My mom, however, is a champion logic problem solver and whips through them in minutes. How come I didn't inherit that, Mom?

Really, I think this amount of tiredness is an indicator of some sort...of a higher than usual proportion...of tiredness.

Hey, do you hear that? I think it's my bed...calling me. Yep, definitely my bed. I can hear my pillow from here.

*Damn, it was hard to stop. That was supposed to be 6.
mood: tired
music: Ultravox—Dancing With Tears in My Eyes


Hi tired sis! I guess I can sympathize with the exhaustion..... However how do you explain the Kryk in my neck that started yesterday????? About 2 hours BEFORE I was told that I have to go back to work in less than 2 weeks???? UGH
Leetle Beeg Seester

YAY for going back to work! :) BOO for cryks!

I LOVE logic problems!! At least you have the passion :)

I am no good at logic problems, crossword puzzles, brain twisters, or anything that requires thinking. ;P

I'm good at crossword puzzles :)

mmm. pop tarts! and logic problems! no wonder i was supposed to friend you :)

Cinnamon roll pop-tarts spread with butter and nuked in the microwave for 30 seconds are divine.


Logic problems? Used the Greek solution.

Alexander: "Give me a sharp sword........"

Where did you get cinnamon Pop-Tarts?!

I've never been big on solving logic problems for fun, but Dr. Darling recently introduced me to SuDuKo number puzzles and they are making my commute feel amazingly zippy lately!

Re: Where did you get cinnamon Pop-Tarts?!

Someone else was telling me about those number puzzles recently. I can't quite picture how they work. I'll have to google them. And I got the pop tarts at Suzette's, of course! :)

#1 I love logic problems! My dad and I are the "whip through them" type.

#2 I also love "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" Excellent movie. And you're right...George Clooney is really good and totally not acting like himself in that movie. It really took me by surprise the first time I watched it. I love the colors in that so much is done in brown and sepia tones. And I like the soundtrack too. It's so varied and gospelly and warm and gorgeous!

According to they did a LOT of time-consuming work on the actual film after the shoot to produce the sepia toning.


I've still never seen "O Brother..." in its entirety...keep catching little snippets here and there. Soundtrack rocks though. I suggest that the tiredness has to do with your poor body rhythms being forced back into forcible labor. Hell, mine's complaining...and it's only been one day. :) ~Marilyn

It's excellent, I highly recommend it, especially if you have any familiarity with Homer's Odyssey.


First: i totally have blogger's depression. Send cake.
second: OHMIGAWD!!!! I thought I was like the only person on earth who loves "uncertain smile" by The The. Of course, give that I downloaded it from iTunes, I sorta suspected there might be others. But til now, they were just figments of my imagination. Thank you for de-figmenting my imagination. (or something)

xoxoxo Wee

I LOVE The The! I've even seen them (him?) live. They (he?) totally rocks my socks off.

I don't know ANY of those songs. Except the one from My Fair Lady. I feel so dumb! And Build Me Up Buttercup - that one makes me dance!

And the blogging depression thing - so great. So funny.

I hope you got some wonderful sleep, woman!

You should definitely run right out and buy them all! They are GREAT songs! :)

Tain't no way I could even begin to list my favorite songs. Sounds like you need a regular back/neck massage scheduled to take care of that cryk.

Are you volunteering??? ! What I need is someone to come to my office and re-adjust my chair, my desk, the way I'm sitting, etc.

I know, this is old news, but thank you for the link on blog depression. It's a good one.

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