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Knock, knock...is this thing on?

Hey lurkers! I know you're out there. *waves to Kathey*

Do they still make Wacky Wafers? I loved those things, especially the watermelon ones. Yummmm! Hmmm...seems the answer is no. How sad.

I feel a little bit as though I have rabbits burrowing in my brain. I mean, I can't seem to hold on to a thought. I use up all my concentration at work and when I come home it's as though I was (were?) a balloon that someone filled up with air and held pinched shut all day,* and as soon as I walk in the door, PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSST! all the air rushes out of me along with all my rabbit-chewed braincells and I go flying around the room and land, limp, on the couch. Which explains the increasingly disjointed entries I seem to be unable to stop posting lately. Rabbits ate my brain!

rabbits ate my brain

Question: Is it suddenly come-into-the-parlor season for spiders? If not, why do we seem to suddenly have so DAMN MANY of them in the house?

OH MAN, I AM SO BUMMED!! I just opened my last remaining little bag of dark chocolate M&M's only to discover they are PEANUT M&M's. Bleah. And I gave a bag of regular ones to my friend Angie. If I'd only known! O the humanity!! I was SO jonesing for some quality American chocolate. waaah! I only do girl candy...no nuts. :P

brain-eating rabbits

*insert zombie joke here*

Some days I find it really hard to come up with something to write in this journal. (really? you say, I hadn't noticed. And then you roll your eyes) But I do write. I write something. At least I usually do, if I'm not on vacation or sick as a dog or home so late it's too much of an effort. Even if nothing worth writing about happened that day, even if my harebrained (HA! get it?) wormy mind can't settle or stick to anything coherent. If I feel this much pressure to write in my little journal, imagine the kind of pressure someone like Dooce must feel. No wonder she hasn't pooped in over a year.

There is bad pressure, though, and there is good pressure. Even though I sometimes feel pressured (by myself! Not by you! Never by you!) to write here every day, it's not a CHORE. After all, I AM pretty consistent about writing, and we'll not talk about the state of things under the bathtub, okay? Or the current state of this journal. Heh.

get a life

Really Great Writing Out There Right Now: American Morning

*Oy! My fingers are cramping just thinking about it!
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