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I had both good news and not yet news today regarding the people I talked about a couple of weeks ago.

Kristian, the husband of Angie, our good friends, had surgery on his jaw today, is staying overnight in the hospital, and is scheduled for more surgery on his arm next week, as they are still unsure about the status of the cancer and are doing several procedures and biopsies to make sure if they got it all or not. They are concerned it has gotten into his lymph nodes, but the test results will take another 2 weeks to come back. I think the not knowing is the worst part for all of them. So we're still waiting, with Angie, to find out exactly what the deal is.

The good news is that the 17-year-old that had the accident with the horse has woken up. She's no longer in a coma, and they have very optimistic hopes for her recovery. She's having trouble with motor coordination on one side and with memory loss, but she's awake and able to communicate and has been moved to a rehabilitation center. Being so young and resilient, they are hopeful she will recover completely with time. :)

Myskväll tonight. The kids are going to bed in a few moments and then Anders and I are going to watch Så som i himmelen* which has gotten rave reviews and was nominated for an Oscar earlier this year for Best Foreign Film.

*As it is in Heaven
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så som i himmelen is amazing. :) everybody who sat in the teatre watching it watched also the names list (credits) afterwards because nobody wanted to leave. :) it moooooves.

It was INCREDIBLE. Although I thought it took them WAY too long to call the police about that wife-beater!! Anders said "It's a MOVIE, Liz. If they locked him up in the first half hour, there wouldn't be much of a story." :P

I have to go buy the soundtrack. I didn't know Helen Sjöholm was in it. I saw her in Kristina från Duvemåla, she's amazing.

hell yeah, i'm going to buy the DVD as soon as i see it on the shelves. i hear it's already for rent to get hunting from shops.

that wife-beater should have been locked far more earlier, it was so angering though she got her own song because of it and she sang so well (goose bumps now) .. i found the relationship between the priest and his "rapturous" wife to be most interesting, because it went so deep somehow to the very questions of life. :)



Liz I am thrilled the 17 yr old is awake. That is great news. prayers and good thoughts are winging away to Angie and Kristian for news that will be just as good. Enjoy your night with Anders. Love Leetle Beeg Seester

I wish full energy, calm, love and healing for the people you love who are hurt right now.... *made my wish to the Universe*

I am going to search out the movie "As it is in Heaven".... hope I can find it.

* the new doggie is snoring as she sleeps near my chair.... gotta love her : )

he has skin cancer on his jaw?? super scary! and i imagine difficult to do surgery without getting an awful lot of disfiguration... :-(

They don't know yet. They know he had a malignant tumor on his arm, and there is "inconclusive" results about his jaw. They said it could be a massive infection...or it could be a tumor. :(

What a difficult time for your friends. Great news that the 17 year old woke up and has a good pronosis for recovery. Enjoy the movie night sanns kids.

It is hopeful to hear about the young woman. It seemed so wrong to have her young life possibilities cut so short like that

I agree. I was so horrified about it, and she is someone I don't know well, and only see once a year, and it struck me so hard. I'm so glad that she is recovering.

Sorry to hear about your friends health trials. Cancer is so horrible. We are all faced with it, either in our own lives or those we love and care for.

B.t.w. I love your new header.

It's true, and it's awful, that it's really everywhere. :(

Thanks for the compliments on my header :)

Good news about the girl on the horse!

And I do hope they are successful with the surgery, and that they got it all on his surgery.

Hoping it will be good news afterall for everyone.

That's fabulous news about the girl, I hope the same happens with the friend! How was the movie? I might find the answer in your next post... :)

It was EXCELLENT!! 2 thumbs way up, I highly recommend it. :)

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