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We had a power outage yesterday evening while we were gone, and I set the clock right before I went to bed at 11:30...only I set it wrong and when the alarm went off at 7 a.m. this morning and I hit the snooze thinking I could doze another 5 minutes, Anders said to me, "Liz, it's 8 o'clock, what are you doing?" And I screamed and leaped and swore bad words and raced around like a chicken with my head cut off, and then I went to work.

And I worked really damn hard and I didn't leave until 6 p.m. and when I got home I found out where my family, who I had called 3x during the day, and who hadn't answered the phone, had been: AT THE BEACH. The most lovely day of the entire summer and I was inside. Working. Hard. ALL DAY.


Here are brand new photos of my kiddos to amuse you, while I go sit in a corner and whine about the unfairness of it all. Stupid weather.

Really Great Drawing Out There Right Now or Holy Cow! Martin has a Twin on the Internet!: In Which I Watch the Artist at Work
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Thank you for going back to work, the weather was truly lovely today.

I do and do and do for you... :P

Yes, I know, my dear, but you have to admit, I DO have lovely manners and say thank you, now don't I?

It's true. You're welcome :) And thank you for the lovely little surprise in the mail yesterday! Very cool!

Cute kids~! When do they start school?

Next week :)

are they excited to go back to school?

I think so, at least I know Karin is, since she's starting "real school" (kindergarten). Martin hasn't said as much, but it's pretty low-key here. We don't even go back-to-school shopping, can you believe it?!

we aren't doing back to school clothes shopping until little one goes and then i find out what she wants that "so and so has and i want one like it". My dd starts kindergarten too. God help her teacher!

There are 19 boys in Karin's class, and FOUR girls...counting Karin, which I hope they are not doing, because they are essentially getting TWENTY :D

wow- what an odd split- Karin should be very happy though!

I bet you felt a bit like me today! Maybe we were in the same phunk.

Well, nothing really BAD happened, and I did manage to make up for being late, but it certainly is NO fun to be working when the rest of my family is playing.


"Holy Shit" is right- thanks for that link! Isn't it amazing how kids think up things!
And I love seeing the new photos of the kids - did you take them?
Love, Lizardmom

No, Anders took them in to the photographer in Malmo before going to the beach, because we needed passport pictures to get Karin's passports renewed.

I am sure the children brought home some sand in their shoes for you from the beach because you were at work.

Look for it in the carpet....

They had a bath after dinner, and you should have seen the sand in the tub. :O

well you see we have the bath BEFORE dinner....else they get ratty.

Of course a bath after dinner, if they didn't sink to bottom of bath and drown - not sure if the no swimming WITHIN AN HOUR OF EATING rule applies!! They should be more relaxed to go to sleep.

just those white chairs for dinner (keep the pasta sauce away from....OH!)...are prone to grubbiness....

I love their smiles. And the color in the photos is so retro!

Heh! They are passport photos, blown up :)


I hate mornings that start that way. I'll admit I didn't exactly think sweet thoughts when J. and his son went to the beach without me in the islands while I was at work. :) Cute pix. ~Marilyn


You are SO entitled to be grumpy about the weather. I've decided that Swedish weather thrives on unfairness. My parents are coming next week; I'm expecting snow.


and hail. sigh

Can I join your pity party? The whole month of May was gorgeous. June wasn't bad either. And where was I? Working. Stuck inside a classroom coming up with silly excuses to drag the kids outside. Now it is August and I should be reveling in summer vacation, hanging in my hammock drinking ice tea and the like...but noooo, I have the heat on and am wearing a sweater! It's been like this for more than two weeks. :(

Pity party for 2: much more fun! :)

Go-go-geous kids!

I know I tell you this everytime but due to my utter lack of a rich vocabulary I must say, yet again, DAMN-- you have some beautiful kids! ~bluepoppy

Re: Go-go-geous kids!

:) they are pretty dern cute, I must say!

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