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Wheeee!! Happy-package-dance times 2 today! And it's not even my birthday yet! 5 books from my mom (thanks, Mom!!) and the coolest, niftiest, wowsiest gift from my brother and Simone: 2 strings of handmade paper flower lights. Did I mention that Simone is the absolute queen of cool crafty things? I can't wait to put these up and kitsch up the room to an unbearably cool degree. She had hers up around the balcony while we were visiting and I admired them and told her I would love something like that, and she went and made me not 1 but 2 strands worth. I'm so singing for free at their wedding in May!*

Summer seems to be ending so quickly, and I feel it was never really even here. I don't think summer was properly motivated this year. I'm wondering if maybe it didn't get a bonus last year and so felt it really didn't need to put in any extra effort this year in retaliation. Hey summer, you total slacker!! You sucked LAST year, too! You'll never get a raise at this rate! Everything is brown around the edges, drying and drooping, bug-chewed. Yellow and brown and orange, those autumn fashions, are coming back in style.

Sometimes They're Just Handed to You:
Martin, Karin and I were discussing princes and princesses, and Karin made a comment about "princess" being almost the same word as "prince." (even in Swedish)
Karin: Prins. Prins...Prinsss-esssssa!
Me: What if there was a prince named Essa? Then he would be Prince Essa!
Martin: I don't think he would like that.
Me: No, probably not. He'd be a lot happier after he grew up and became king.
Karin: Prins. Prinsessa. Kung. Varför börjar inte 'kung' med P?**
Me: pause ...because then it would be...pung.***
Martin: gapes at me, then cracks up wildly
Me: giggles madly

Cracking Me Up: I think what he meant was DON'T GROW IT OUT

Great Resource: Stump the Bookseller
What a super thing the internet is! Have only a half-memory about the plot or characters of your favorite childhood book? Post it here and someone will more than likely come up with the answer for you! I love people who love books!

*HAAAAA! Joke! It was free before the great gift! Made ya look, though, didn't I, John? >:D
**"Why doesn't 'king' start with a P?
***Pung translates as "sack" in Swedish, but it also means "scrotum."
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You and your kids crack me up!! :)

Bwahahaha! Thanks for that smile today!

>5 books from my mom (thanks, Mom!!)

OK tease us- what books are they? I mean if they are from your mom the titles must be appropriate for LJ!

3 cheers for Simone! Paper flower lights sound very cool.

Zoë;s Cats by Zoë Stokes
Zeee by Elizabeth Enright
Cheaper by the Dozen by F. Gilbreth & E. G. Carey
Sabriel by Garth Nix
Down & Out in the Magic Kingdom by Cory Doctorow


Oh thank you for sharing ;)

Cheaper by the Dozen is an excellent book. And the fact that it is a family memoir makes it more special. The sequel is "Bells on their toes" I think.

There's a sequel?? Cool!

I was going to mention that too. I loved both books. I still remember the story of the father inventing the typewriter and all the kids learning to use it...or something like that. Lovely stories.

I liked that the kids had to listen to educational records even when they were in the bathroom!

books and birthdays. What else could people buy? :)

When I first moved here I made a list of Swedish words that I thought sounded funny like kackerlackor, bajamaja, etc. Pung was definitely one of them. It still makes me laugh when I hear it.

Geggamoja (sp?) is my favorite :)

Yeah for happy-package-dance-days! I hope you get to do lots of dancing today. Enjoy!

If there is some Dutch goodie that makes you all nostalgic for your childhood years here, let me know and I'll send you some as a belated birthday package. :)

Let's hope your little peptalk whips Mr. Summer into shape. Total slacker, I say!

aw thanks, you are sweet! I don't really remember any Dutch goodies, the ones I remember were from Belgium and I don't know if they're available in Holland: Callebaut filled chocolate bars, and Napoleon lemon & orange drops :)

Hmm, I'm not familiar with those, so I'm thinking they're probably Belgian. However I'll keep an eye out...maybe I'll spot the goods when I hitch a ride with Dirk to Brussel one day this summer. :)

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

as soon as I get a chance to put them up, I promise!

Happy birthday!:)

I hadn't checked your lj layuout for a while I think, I think you adedd a new banner? I love it! Who made those cartoon characters? I love them!

*giggles* at the prince and princesse thing =))

Thank you muchly :)

Yes, I did add that new banner awhile ago. The characters are by Sven Nordqvist, who writes and illustrates children's books. The cat is named Findus, and the little creatures are called "muckles" and they live in the grass or under the house :)

happy birthday liz :)

Thank you :)

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