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WHAT a gorgeous evening, and what fun! The sushi was, as usual, delicious and the company was great. The bill was a bit of a shocker, however, but hey it was my early-birthday celebration. And I got all kinds of unexpected birthday presents, including a future date for a sushi lunch (!) and a...are you sitting down? ... moose mobile phone holder. Anders and I have relegated it to my office where it will have a happy and useful existence.

I'm not sure this even falls into the "so ugly it's cute" category, but Angie was so proud of herself for finding it and it WAS funny. :)
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Great job Angie!!! How really funny- why isn't it in the moose bathroom?- MOM

Because 1) there IS no moose bathroom...yet, and 2) what would we do with a mobile phone holder in the bathroom?


I can think of at least one instance where YOU needed a moose mobile phone holder in the bathroom HAHAHAHAHA Sarah

LOLOLOL!!! You made me crack up out loud at work. You're right! Maybe I should rethink my position. :) :) :)

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