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Stopped freaking out quite so badly about my age.

Ended a job I loved, then liked, then hated.

Started a new job I could happily retire in.

Lost some friends, and gained some.

Learned how to walk on crutches.

Wrote 348 journal entries.

Forgot my wedding anniversary.

Made a tough and major decision to give up my Editor position, at least temporarily, for the AWC.

Finished a productive year as Poetry Section Editor for Mosaic Minds.

Gotten my hopes way, way up, only to have them crushed completely.

Gotten really, really angry.

Been really, really happy.

Learned that I can only do so much. Much to my chagrin.

Traveled twice to Germany, once to the States, and once to Holland.

Read 104 books.

Read 843,423,948,294,839,029,042 blog and journal entries.

Parented badly, decently and pretty darn well, sometimes all in the same day!

Ate 4,242 pieces of sushi. At least. Not all in the same day.

Updated my family website. Once. It counts!

Absolutely boggled at the number of people who want to read my daily drivel.

And plenty of other things that I can't remember right now, because JAYSUS AM I OLD AND SENILE. baha!

Hugs and kisses to all of you who called, left messages, sent emails and ecards, posted hilarious and lovely photos and greetings and comments wishing me a Happy Birthday. Thanks to my family, and to you, it was. :)
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Re: Happiest Birthday Wishes!!!

Thank you muchly, darling BP. :) And you notice I didn't add a line about "created 8,442 to-do lists" or "thwacked 8,442 things OFF my to-do lists"! :P

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