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A fall full of things to look forward to:
  • The AWC season starting up
  • Choir starting up
  • A trip to Oslo! The last time I was there bell-bottoms were in style...for the first time.
  • Pumpkins! It's nearly time to pick pumpkins!
  • Singing in a televised 3000-member choir concert at Globen in Stockholm
  • A visit from my mom and my cool Aunt Judy
  • My first-year anniversary at my job :)
  • A visit from Kathey & Russell!
  • A possible trip home to the States for Thanksgiving!
And I'm looking forward to the annual ski-trip week in January that my family takes without me, which I'm only thinking of because Anders and Mats started planning it this past week. And I'm looking forward to my brother's wedding in May...not just because it's so great that they are getting married, but also because MY WHOLE FAM DAMILY will be there! At least most of them. Party time in Bavaria! Look out, Germany, you won't know what's hit you! And I'm looking forward to next summer. Because, after 2 totally sucky summers in a row, the next one HAS to be better.

Sometimes, I can't decide which is better: looking forward or looking back. I love flipping through photo albums, scrapbooks, notebooks full of mementos, things I kept that remind me of a place, a person, a trip, an occasion. But, no matter what, looking forward beats all. That's something I want to say to an online friend who is going through an incredibly tough time. Perhaps the things you see when you look forward are bleak or seemingly meaningless, but it still BEATS ALL.

You know, you've been there. We've ALL been there. I have been there, too. And once in awhile I look back, and remember. I'm glad of those terrible times, now, when pain and sadness darkened every mental window and dimmed my joy in living, because I learned so much about myself, my limits, my strengths, and most of all, my weaknesses. And I'm aware that most likely there will be more terrible times ahead of me. But that's not ALL there is ahead for me, that's NEVER all there is ahead.

This friend of mine is was convinced that she has nothing to look forward to. Just imagine having nothing to look forward to. Not another rosy-faced dawn, with dew shining on the grass, and the liquid melody of a bird swaying on a treebranch above your head, perhaps having the phone ring with a friend calling to invite you to lunch, or an opportunity,...perhaps the one you've been looking for. Imagine no anticipation, no expectation, no prospects, no promises, no discovery, no joy.

In fact, I can't. I can't imagine that. At the risk of sounding condescending, which is farthest from my mind at the moment, I have to say that I can't imagine that.

What I wish is that I could bundle up some of the sudden bursts of enthusiasm I have, tie them with a big golden bow, and lob them, sparkling and fizzing, across whatever distance, to the people who need them most. Something to make your eyes widen, to help you SEE, to light up the room, and your day, and your life.

Do you know? I think that's what I'm trying to do most of all right here.

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What I wish is that I could bundle up some of the sudden bursts of enthusiasm I have, tie them with a big golden bow, and lob them, sparkling and fizzing, across whatever distance, to the people who need them most. Something to make your eyes widen, to help you SEE, to light up the room, and your day, and your life.

this IS what you do, do you know? you are full of enthused happiness, a joy for living and a way with words that makes me smile~ carry on!
and happy birthday week! *mwa*

That was really nice, thank you :) And thanks for the birthday-week wishes!

you know just what to say and when to say it. i really needed to read something like this tonight! thanks liz...yer da bestest!

Glad to oblige :)


I feel almost guilty admitting it, but I almost always have something I'm looking forward to, even if it's just dinner. :)


Heh! Me, too! *grins*

I am not a sentimental person when it comes to pictures, memories, objects etc. I can however get touched by a loving encounter or something pretty I see. Sometimes I look forward to the holiday too. I guess that looking forward for me is mixed with excitement and you lose that when you look back.

You're right, it's not usually excitement that is the primary emotion that one looks BACK with :) But I still love it.


That the next rain shower will uncover the chest of a hidden Spanish treasure.


That the next smile really is for you.


The next coffee is better than the last.


That today will shine brighter.

and always the knowledge that in a twinkling of laughter, the world can right itself once more.

If only it would stop tilting sometimes :P


And I'd say you're succeeding. :) (You've been at that job a YEAR already?!) ~Marilyn

Not quite...I started October 15 :)


Don't hate me, but i just tagged you for a meme. See my blog for details (added onto the end of the new domain post) I would be most delighted if you would participate!!! but no pressure or anything!

xoxoxox Wee

You do a great job, encouraging ALL of us to look for the beauty around the corner. And yes, as much fun as it is to remember, it's always best to have something to look forward to. Usually I'm looking forward to eating or reading. I'm pretty simple like that.

LOL! Count me in among the simple folks too, then. I'm looking forward to eating a certain vanilla cream pastry that's calling me from the kitchen. :D

I truly believe that we are put onto this earth for a reason. Even though we may not realise what the reason is, our being here may be just what someone else needs. It could be a smile, it could be a word, it could be anything. I know its not always easy to feel good about life, and sometimes the road we travel seems really hard and bumpy. Hope and belief, whether this belief be in yourself, or in a God, is what gets people through today and into tomorrow.

Its so nice to see how you acknowledge what you have to look forward to Liz.

My mom thinks we're here to learn lessons :) I'm not so sure, but I figure that even if there IS no reason, then I am free to make my own, and finding and taking joy in things is good enough for me :)

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